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  1. 179th street to Coney island. But from where I ride it from and observing.. from 2nd Avenue to Smith-9th All I see are Hipster Doofii and Yuppies. These Gentrifying A-holes from Fly-Over States.
  2. Could care less about the F's, its been plagued by Hipster doofii in Northern Brooklyn. Same goes for the G train.
  3. i'd like to see him going flying offa the Bumper block at 96th street.
  4. Isn't that dude riding on the back of the R Train some Hipster doofus or a Yuppie Transplant fruitcake?
  5. Just go to Chinatoen, and read all those slips of paper on their wall in chinese, thats authentic Chinese food.
  6. Nice Job. Why were you shooting at the back of the train. No Motorman? Try to at least get the Number Board.
  7. yeah i like my Japanese Food. No I'm not telling you where i go for All you Can Eat Sushi.
  8. So far, Michael Hertz has been verry successful in brainwashing you all into believing that he designed the 1979 map.
  9. Been tracking Hertz and his associates. One of his lackeys changed the article on Tauranac.
  10. I collected (reaped) my First subway map 1982, when I was 6 years old..yes, i'm old.
  11. I remember when some Graffitti artists murdered some poor German Shepherd dogs just so they can do up a few cars.
  12. sigh...The Young Generation and their warped minds. Hertz didn't do anything. he lifted not one single drafting pencil.
  13. Just telling you young generation whippersnappers and railfans that Michael hertz was just a delegation artist. He didn't create nothing except for his office. Its almost as bad as the MTA wanting credit for the Subway, the Bus and the Bridge with their,... MTA New York Transit MTA Long Island Transit MTA Long Island Bus MTA Metro-North Railroad MTA Bridges and Tunnels MTA this and MTA that.
  14. Not crying over it. it Hertz crying over it. Taking credit where credit doesn't belong to him. I met Tauranac, I know he created the 1978-1980's map, that we all like to collect.
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