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  1. When I first heard about the Car Swap that has already begun between the Westchester and Corona Yards I must say I was a bit upset. As a daily rider of the R142A's on the (6) it will be a bit weird going back to the R62A's. 


    I wonder if other riders feel the same way? In all honesty, I am very surprised that Upper East Side riders haven't been up in arms about the change that will eventually be more noticeable. For those that have had the chance to ride an R62A on the (6) have you heard any Manhattan riders voice their thoughts about the change?


    Unfortunately for you, most of the people who ride the subways don't give a crap what their train looks or sounds like. As long as it gets them from point A to point B at a reasonable hour, they don't care/

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  2. There's a reason Bloomberg has been here for so long. Just because some of you don't like him doesn't mean he's doing a bad job. I'm not saying he was the best mayor in the city, but a majority of the city (the HUGE New York City) likes Bloomberg and wanted him to stay this long.



    No. nobody WANTED him to stay. It was either him, or Thompson. If it would have been Thompson, we would of had another Dinkins in office.

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  3. The Washington DC subway will still run underground service (on 40 minute headways) during major weather events. I'm not sure why the MTA couldn't run extremely limited service (such as the R train the full route, the C train the full route, and the D train 205th-34th) on extended headways during a severe storm, so that there is at least some service, even if trains arrive every 30 or 40 minutes. The express tracks would still be available for layups. And people would have some service if they absolutely needed to get somewhere, rather than risk injury by walking long distances in the weather if there were an emergency.



    First of all, who the hell would be stupid enough to be out in that type of weather?


    Second, did ever take into account for flooding?

  4. You have to remember that the (5) runs on the Lex line with the (4), so I think they want as few (5) trains running as possible. Their attitude is to serve Manhattan and not the Bronx or Brooklyn (outerboroughs), hence all of the short turned trains, etc.



    I contacted the (MTA) a few years back, asking them something about the (5), they said, for every two (4)'s there's a (5).

  5. I take the (2) every morning, a little after 5 AM. The train gets to my stop, (Sterling St) about a quarter after 5. I'm usually at the station 5 minutes beforehand. this week, I'm sure what it is, but it looks as if, the trains are coming either earlier or later.


    Today I took the (2) to Flatbush (again at 5), I got there at 5:10, missed the train and then the next train came over 25 minutes later!


    What's going on?!

  6. Really?! a camera to get feedback about farehikes?! what do they think people are going to say? "oh these hikes are solving world hunger" No! I don't know exactly what they're going to say, but it's probably going to be something to the effect of, "I f**king hate these fare hikes!", or "f**k you (MTA)" or something like that. This is the exact reason we have these damn farehikes!

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  7. Oh you know there wasn't enough evidence. <_< What a joke. Bloomberg is part of the problem too. He's been lax with the homeless population and all of the crazies walking around. They can spend $3k a month or more to house one homeless person yet they don't have the money to take these crazies off of the street? I mean really talk about a lack of commonsense.



    This is why we need Giuliani.

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  8. Not necessarily, IMO a bunch of the ones I mentioned should just clear at higher speeds. And, there are plenty of timers that should be deactivated when switches aren't being used.


    like this one by 96 st.


    2 . Those timers protect the switches after the Station. God forbid the train flies into the station at 50mph and overshoots and goes right into the junction. When the switches are set to diverge (from express to local) there are Wheel Detectors in the area which force the train to slow down even more.

  9. Yes, the MTA's gone a little overboard with timers, but I'll go as far as to say that most timers are there for a good reason. Like TwoTimer said, if all timers cleared at the right speed, then they wouldn't be as annoying as railfans think.


    The other problem is that a lot of railfans don't know the difference between necessary and unnecessary timers.


    About the CPW timers at 116 St, those are VERY important. They keep trains from derailing on the curve. The annoying ones are the timers from 86 St to 110 St northbound that clear at 35-40 MPH. It used to be a 50 MPH run.


    Interestingly, though, I have a copy of the 1977 (D) train schedule and the CPW run used to be scheduled for 7 minutes. Now, it's 8, and I've seen trains do it in about 7 minutes. So, it's not that bad.



    It's very weird. It feels like the (MTA) puts timers wherever they feel. I've seen curves where trains go fast, (E.G. (E) & (F) trains by Grand ave, southbound (2) & (5) north of Sterling St), & yet trains safely go through these curves without fail & at fast speed. Especially that north of Sterling St is a slope.


    Now southbound (2) & (3)'s between Brooklyn Museum & Franklin Ave, I understand, but why the hell do northbound need them?

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