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  1. Unfortunately for you, most of the people who ride the subways don't give a crap what their train looks or sounds like. As long as it gets them from point A to point B at a reasonable hour, they don't care/
  2. Why do they keep making these for iPhones, but not Android????
  3. Wow, this reminds me of the movie Turk 187, when the main guy sprays up the train that the city is showing off saying it's "graffiti proof"
  4. yes, but the won't be wasting money having to make as many Metrocards as they used to, cause people are refilling them, rather than throwing them them out after a few uses.
  5. well, the will probably have to either, extend the , revive the , or something like that, because there is no way in hell, that the is going to run express and leave the by itself as a local.
  6. wow! the is serious with their fare evasion! they put "holding weapons" in "other violations" & fare evasion up top. they're probably saying, "carry weapons, $100 fine. but don't dare f**k with FARE EVASION!"
  7. I'm sorry to say, but do you think you would find a Black, White or Hispanic, planting bombs on trains?
  8. A division; Narrow, short cars. Good headways. B division; Wide, long cars. Terrible headways. Yes, to me, the A & B divisions, feel like different systems.
  9. I do agree with you guys, but unfortunately, he's not running against Bloombucks.
  10. No. nobody WANTED him to stay. It was either him, or Thompson. If it would have been Thompson, we would of had another Dinkins in office.
  11. for me it's something to foam over, but on the same note, it's going to be a freaking nightmare from hell!
  12. First of all, who the hell would be stupid enough to be out in that type of weather? Second, did ever take into account for flooding?
  13. I contacted the a few years back, asking them something about the , they said, for every two 's there's a .
  14. I think it's back to normal schedule. even though the was running there.....FOAM!
  15. I don't think it has anything to do with fastrack. I've had to deal with fastrack before, and trains still came on time. And I'm taking the train after 5, in which it's officially over by then.
  16. I take the every morning, a little after 5 AM. The train gets to my stop, (Sterling St) about a quarter after 5. I'm usually at the station 5 minutes beforehand. this week, I'm sure what it is, but it looks as if, the trains are coming either earlier or later. Today I took the to Flatbush (again at 5), I got there at 5:10, missed the train and then the next train came over 25 minutes later! What's going on?!
  17. The way the was made, (whether intentional or not) it was not made to go further, ANYWHERE.
  18. Really?! a camera to get feedback about farehikes?! what do they think people are going to say? "oh these hikes are solving world hunger" No! I don't know exactly what they're going to say, but it's probably going to be something to the effect of, "I f**king hate these fare hikes!", or "f**k you " or something like that. This is the exact reason we have these damn farehikes!
  19. if you look at the , by astor place, the sign says, "Astor Pl", but by the , it says, "Park Place" weird.
  20. The brakes seem to screech more on the R142A's than the R142's.
  21. It's very weird. It feels like the puts timers wherever they feel. I've seen curves where trains go fast, (E.G. & trains by Grand ave, southbound & north of Sterling St), & yet trains safely go through these curves without fail & at fast speed. Especially that north of Sterling St is a slope. Now southbound & 's between Brooklyn Museum & Franklin Ave, I understand, but why the hell do northbound need them?
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