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  1. You make subway signs, oh can you show me one.

  2. You Need to be banned aahd!!

  3. um r44 i just want to let you know im sorry and when your going to finsh my sign.Sometimes i just lose my temper.....
  4. Whoa slow it thier poke!i took down your sign!and sorry ive wanting to say it but i coudnt!so just forget about it and SHUT UP!

  5. Fine Im sorry lance,irtbronxexpress,and melvin.Sometimes i just lose my temper......
  6. How Come Is Going To go to that station when comes?
  7. What Are you saying i score 4 points everytime i take the ela.
  8. Hmm i still dont know this guy.hey give me a qiuz.Did Aahd Leran to put his pictures in photobucket?No.Did Ash Did?Yes.Did He Put The Correct Link?No?Did Ash Do?Yes.i know everything that he dosent know.

  9. Well that is a problem. Who it he anyway?

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