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  1. You make subway signs, oh can you show me one.

  2. You Need to be banned aahd!!

  3. Whoa slow it thier poke!i took down your sign!and sorry ive wanting to say it but i coudnt!so just forget about it and SHUT UP!

  4. Fine Im sorry lance,irtbronxexpress,and melvin.Sometimes i just lose my temper......
  5. Hmm i still dont know this guy.hey give me a qiuz.Did Aahd Leran to put his pictures in photobucket?No.Did Ash Did?Yes.Did He Put The Correct Link?No?Did Ash Do?Yes.i know everything that he dosent know.

  6. Well that is a problem. Who it he anyway?

  7. i did he dosent want to accept my apolgize

  8. If you did steal them you should apologize to the person.

  9. I Think its because i stole irts signs by accident.

  10. What ever it is has gotten a lot of people irritated at you. You may not want to talk about fantasy maps for some time. I think it may have something to do with that. Along with that if someone curses at you don't respond, cause it will just make the situation worse for you and that is how flame wars start.

  11. Hopefully this issue that took place can get resolved before it goes out of control again. Did it have to do with a fantasy map by any chance?

  12. Finaaly Some One who trusts me!

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