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  1. I have rode bus service (one chinatown bus and megabus) from NYC to PHL and back, and the bus is very full either way on friday night and sunday night. Takes about 2 hours to PHL nonstop. So the buses are crowded while the trains have mostly empty seats. So imaging NJT and SEPTA provide one similar express train in the night? Only stopping at nyc, newark, trenton and phl, will it make additional profits for NJT charging the rate $8~12 each way as the buses?
  2. 1.The MTA's task is to keep transit system conductive, minimize people's commute time, reducing crime is the job of NYPD. 2. M only goes to 6av and upper than williamsburg bridge. Broadway junction has A,L,J which covers a much larger area including downtown brooklyn, lowest manhattan and 8av.
  3. Oh I see. Thanks for knowledge. The following route is away from parkway and it's 3 minutes more than through jackie robinson. (11min vs 8min, according to google map) Does this work? If the bus run non-stop from atlas park to Bway junction. [GMAPS]<iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=80th+St&daddr=40.698535,-73.888077+to:40.6913961,-73.890542+to:Conway+St&geocode=FQgdbQIdz9qY-w%3BFacCbQIds46Y-yktEUXG1F3CiTEjENDzdpw7DQ%3BFcTmbAIdEoWY-ykbwDu2MlzCiTFR7_Ufm_KLbw%3BFTS3bAIdTlCY-w&sll=40.677904,-73.902712&sspn=0.010545,0.01399&vpsrc=6&gl=us&hl=en&dirflg=h&mra=dme&mrsp=3&sz=16&via=1,2&ie=UTF8&t=m&ll=40.693915,-73.88546&spn=0.045554,0.072956&z=13&output=embed"></iframe><br /><small><a href="http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=embed&saddr=80th+St&daddr=40.698535,-73.888077+to:40.6913961,-73.890542+to:Conway+St&geocode=FQgdbQIdz9qY-w%3BFacCbQIds46Y-yktEUXG1F3CiTEjENDzdpw7DQ%3BFcTmbAIdEoWY-ykbwDu2MlzCiTFR7_Ufm_KLbw%3BFTS3bAIdTlCY-w&sll=40.677904,-73.902712&sspn=0.010545,0.01399&vpsrc=6&gl=us&hl=en&dirflg=h&mra=dme&mrsp=3&sz=16&via=1,2&ie=UTF8&t=m&ll=40.693915,-73.88546&spn=0.045554,0.072956&z=13" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map</a></small>[/GMAPS]
  4. Q47 should arrives atlas mall and continue via 80St to Jackie Robinson Hwy and run to the end (broadway junction). Jackie Robinson is not congested most time unlike the local roads between Glendale and Jackson Heights. will reduce time to downtown manhattan by allowing residents in Glendale arrive in A/J/L trains. Is this a good idea?
  5. I strongly agree. Decline of rail is of more political reasons. IIRC, those rail was constructed in the privately-operated railroad era(things are same with NYCTA)
  6. Anyone who know why LIRR is much more expensive than subway, even if they travel same distances? Is it because the occupancy is much lower at off peak times, and the demand is more rigid, and the distance is far as well as cost? I believe TRX will have many riders because nowadays outer-borough jobs are increasing faster than Manhattan.
  7. Maybe at those couple places MTA can build EL just above the current tracks to run subway? I mean concrete EL, cuz no one wants to live around Roosevelt ave style ELs. Also, running frequent service with one track is in fact possible with computer controlled short "streetcar". Segment ABABABABAB ... and you just need small land around the stop between A and B. Just make the "streetcar" fast enough between stops to meet demand.
  8. There are very few freight train everyday, no more than passenger trains. Run the small amount of freight with trucks on LIE. For 34St, Because 1. there are LIRR tunnels under 34th St, it's costly to dig another tunnel 2. For the crowded and space-limited 34th St, a quiet lightrail smaller but more frequent than subway is better.
  9. I think you didn't get my point: Let the LIRR sell this line to NYCTA, just like the Rockaway Branch, part of which is converted to and Shuttle service. They installed new Subway-standard 3rd rail and replaced the signal with Subway signals, and LIRR trains no longer runs there. Anyway, LIRR has so few riders on that line, and they hate all Zone 1&3 stations except the important ones. Long Island City is not anything important to LIRR. At LI City, The passengers transfer to train to Manhattan, Just like transfer between court Sq and 23rd St- Ely. Yeah, now the financial is bad, but what after several years?
  10. The "Lower Montauk Branch" is a 2-track LIRR branch from Jamaica to Long Island City Terminal(two blocks away from the train Vernon-Jackson station). The tracks have not yet been electrified. This ROW is really best for running trains to the currently underserved broad area of eastern Queens, such as south Jamaica , fresh meadows, Queensboro community college etc. The current Queens Blvd express has already reached full capacity. Currently, only a few very empty west-bound (less than 5 I think) LIRR diesel trains in the morning and they return to eastern LI at afternoon. Sometimes there is freight trains. Maybe no one will ride those trains once LIRR east side access is into use. Also, currently many long island commuters take LIRR to Woodside, just to transfer to to their workplace on the east side. After EAS, train will shaft off this burden, so the capacities freed out can be used for transporting from Manhattan to Long Island City( vernon jackson) station. Why not convert this line to Queens Super Express Line, just have to install electric rails and subway standard signals. One possible configuration is: The new subway (assume letter "(H)") line runs from Long Island City Terminal non-stop until the (E)/(J)/(Z) Sutphin Blvd station, then through a few blocks new tunnel under Sutphin blvd to merge with the 4 track line and run express to Jamaica-179St, and run further local stops in newly-built Hillside ave extension tunnel, place a stop at intersection of Grand Central parkway and Clearview Expwy, and the final stop at springfield Blvd & Hillside Ave. From these two stations, connect with private operated highway 'jitney's to the vast area of Eastern Queens. Private 'jitney's can operate well there, because unlike the I-678, Clearview Expwy and Cross island Pkwy are seldom congested. If it's better to connect to other subway lines--- At intersection of Lower montauk line tracks and the M train EL, a new station (I would name it "Glen Ridge Junction", because there is Glen Ridge Park nearby) can be built, both new '(H)' and stops there, to allow transfer between new '(H)' and , and also, there is an existing single track from Glen Ridge Junction to the train Wilson Ave station, on which an airtrain-like shuttle can run to bring passengers between and new '(H)' trains. This is definitely welcomed by people on the M and L line because it add express options for and which are currently without express service. What's your idea?
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