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  1. Are you currently in training? If so how is it?
  2. Its been a month since I had my interview and haven't heard anything back. Does anyone know if that's a good sign or does anyone know about how long to hear anything back?
  3. So I got the results today for the test and I passed. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back from background?
  4. hi i received an invite for the conductor position and had a few Q's... first off what is the test like? ... and chance of moving from Metro North to LIRR being that i live in eastern long island? also what are the benefits like compare to other MTA agencies?
  5. Does anyone on this board work as a cam or has more info?
  6. I had recently applied for CAM ( car apperance maintainer) and was wondering what the job actually consist of and what are the hours they work. Also if they require a test to get in.
  7. hi, im not sure if this is the right section but i had a question regarding NYPD and free Rides. i know NYPD gets free subway rides from MTA while in uniform but this also apply to LIRR?
  8. Hi was wondering if anyone on here works for them and/or know how much the salary is for a scat paratransit driver?... I know they are subcontracted to different bus companies and salary will vary from company to company but just look for some general info. I had applied for suffolk transportation service and am being scheduled for a map read test and was wondering if it even worth the time if the money is to low.
  9. ac1987

    sct jobs

    yes I have. They only have general info info like bus schedule and fares .
  10. Hi I'm new to this forum. I just recently got my cdl and looking for employment on long island. I have been interested in suffolk county transit but everytim I call I get transfered and no straight answer if they are hiring or how to even apply. Does anyone on this forum work for them or know how to apply?

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