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  1. Here's the stats for London Underground lift (elevator) availability. Can't find escalators https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/publications-and-reports/lift-availability
  2. In London in the UK sections of he underground are shut most weekends, ranging form lightly used sections out the countryside (Loughton - Epping on the Central line must be 15 miles from Central London) to section of line in the centre of London. Transport for London try to co-ordinate closures so that parallel routes are not shut at the same time, but London doesn't have the luxury of being able to divert services down another line in most cases. The London Underground is also shut from 01:00 - 05:00 most morning but to do the big works they have to take weekend possessions and put buses on instead. This does have the benefit of be able to blitz the work and do far more in one 52 hour block than can be done in one four hour block. Remember the last train has to run, everyone be satisfied everyone is clear, switch the current off, put on protection (just in case a train routes through), do the work, get everyone off the track, safety checks, turn the current back on, hand the line back to operations and trains can run. Actually working time is much less than 4 hours. Bus operators love it, it's a huge business laying on replacement buses.

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