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  1. Exactly. Since they switched over to this new payroll system, they haven't completely worked all the bugs out. Payroll dept had to work double shifts yesterday & today to make sure everyone gets paid this week. But u might be short a few hours, which be added to the next following check. Congrats!
  2. U're right. Lol..I'm complaining. Let me have my moment. I actually love being a conductor. Just dislike the B Div. Plus it's been hot all week, these yards are a b!tch to get to & our instructor is a straight douche! After I post & return on the road, then I'll hush up. I hope I get the chance to meet u. ????
  3. Yeah..it's pure torture & hell being in these yards during the summer heat. We have 13 days of extra train'n. Posting is next week. Smdh. I'm trying hard to see the brighter side to this but it seems like MTA has been drop'n the ball a lot. Now they done messed up on our paychecks this week.
  4. Actually I'm done posting. I've been on my own for the past 3 days. It's just crazy how they shafted us like that. My class was originally 20ppl started off in the A Div. Then a few weeks later they split us, seniority choice, 10 into B Div. Now we're all B Div. Seriously I was luv'n the A Div. I had plans to move to the Bronx from Qns now I can't. Ugh
  5. Can someone please explain to me why they decide to switch my class from A to B Division?! We're 3 days fresh out on our own on the road, enjoying the A Division. Now we have to report back to the Learning Center to qualify for B Division. Straight freaking madness! I don't wanna go!
  6. I've learned thru this thread from the veterans..when it comes to the medical exam questionnaire DO NOT ANSWER HONESTLY!! U will end up put'n yurself on medical hold!! So answer every question with a NO! I've seen it happen to several ppl while I went back in May. It was crazy how some had left to quickly rush to their doctors office for proof only to come back & still given a flat NO & medical hold still in tack! So don't incriminate yurself!! Simple! Good luck!
  7. I meet a lady yesterday in the A, while I posted, that just finished her Probation. I congratulate her & all the others for successfully completing their first year!! YAYYYY!! ????I can't wait til my year is up next year. Lls
  8. Yesterday was my first day post'n & had the best & most knowledgeable conductor on the 1⃣ #1 Line. He's straight by the book & quizzed me as we made our 3 trips. I enjoyed myself...hope today is just as pleasant. I salute & praise Mr. Jasper Garner for a job well done 4 teach'n me & allow'n me to shadow him. ????
  9. I'll be in Westchester Yard, Monday @ 8am b4 posting. Hope to be able to meet your acquaintance while we're there. Look for TSS Perez & you'll find us newbies. Lol
  10. A couple of my classmates live in NJ who are assigned to the A Div & make the journey on a regular basis to the Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens. They're always on time to work. Once you start you will receive your pass ID which helps eliminate a good half of yur commuters expense. U can also drive to work. Don't worry about yur age. I heard there's this 78yo man who just finished Conductor's schoolcar a couple months ago & he's doing just great. Plus two classmates of mine are in their 50s. Just come in on time everyday, learn, have fun, establish good repore with yur fellow classmates & instructors and u'll do just fine! Good luck!
  11. I have been taught on numerous occasions to avoid the CREW ROOM LAWYERS & not to pick up or establish ANY bad habits, so I'm good! Thanks! There's 20 of us..split 10 in A & 10 in B posting next week. I start with the 1⃣ Line out of 242nd Term on Tuesday afternoon. My posting is in sequential order.
  12. Today I got my posting times & locations. Excited to start on the road for the next two weeks!! Happy I successfully passed my yard practical & midterm exam ???? (Division A).
  13. Never feel that way! Your train of thought is on the right track..literally!! Go for it man..I sure am. Every promo exam possible I'll be taking & making moves upward! Once again good luck!
  14. I had asked my supervisor about this. He informed me that before the list expires you are able to put yur list number on hold while u finish yur probationary period. Then u can reactivate yur list number & u'll automatically will be put at the top of the list to be called on. Btw I have a few coworker/classmates who have taken the T/O exam & are considering the same move as well once probation is completed. Good luck!
  15. Congrats man! U'll have so much fun! Good luck & pay attention!

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