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  1. And here are pictures of it in Canada: http://www.cptdb.ca/index.php?showtopic=3882&view=findpost&p=223360
  2. Thanks for all the responses. Glad to see you guys enjoyed it! Now if only someone from the MTA would take a look at it.
  3. Could also be displayed aboard trains. This is also one thing I noticed. Those electronic displays are nice but this is definitely more clear when it comes to route planning.
  4. I went to NYC for the first time recently as a tourist and I couldn't help but notice how confusing MTA's subway line map brochures on their website are. It took me a while to understand why some stations were only served at night, and why some stations were served "sometimes, other times skipped", especially since it wasn't labelled when or why. (ESPECIALLY THE J/Z...my god that line is confusing for newbs) So, being a photoshop nerd, I made it a challenge to make an easy-to-understand and legible map for every line that details: -Where a train operates Local/Express -What service is like at differing times of the day Below is a comparison of the MTA's vague brochure details and my photoshopped route maps. CLICK TO ENLARGE --------------------------------------------------- 1 TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- 2 TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- 3 TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- 4 TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- 5 TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- 6 TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- 7 TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- A TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- C TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- E TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- B TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- D TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- F TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- M TRAIN MAP --------------------------------------------------- J/Z TRAIN MAP ---------------------------------------------------

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