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Divided Council Renames Street After Sean Bell


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This is a follow-up from my previous thread.


Divided Council Renames Street After Sean Bell



Published: December 21, 2009


Three years after a fatal shooting by the police divided the city and led to changes in Police Department tactics, the New York City Council voted Monday to name a stretch of street in Queens in honor of Sean Bell, who was killed on what would have been his wedding day.


Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/22/nyregion/22bell.html

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Who didn't see this one coming...honestly? The NYC coffin is being lowered into the ground as we speak. This City knows no shame.


Since I have some time before I go to work, i'll take the time to dissect the article.


“Finally, some form of justice,” his fiancée, Nicole Paultre Bell, said after the vote. “We’re glad that Sean’s death wasn’t in vain.”


Don't you just love how they tack "Bell" onto the end of this girls name, meanwhile...they were never married. More sympathy-dredging by the liberal apologist media. Also, I hate to break Nicoles' bubble but his death was in vain. Had he decided not to run his vehicle into a police officer, he'd still be alive.


Council members who voted in favor of the bill argued that the renaming was not simply a remembrance of a life cut short, but also a reminder of the steps the city took in the aftermath of the shooting.


Why you would want to remember this guy is beyond me. He poisoned and endangered the communities that he dealt drugs and sold weapons in. Is this really the sort of person that you want to keep in everyones' minds? I agree wholeheartedly with the last half of that statement however, this is a reminder of how the City loves perps.


Councilman Leroy G. Comrie Jr., a Democrat who represents the neighborhood where the shooting took place.


If you really cared about your community, Mr. Comrie, you'd shut down all the perpy establishments like the nightclub that they were at...which at the time was under investigation for numerous offenses...including underaged prostitution. Just in case you didn't know.


A handful of council members opposed the measure, arguing that the Bell case did not fit the criteria for street memorials.


These Councilmembers should be given awards by the City for having a) a pair and :) common sense. These people should be held on to for dear life...people as logical as them do not come around quite often.


The Bell proposal was one of 70 street renamings, wrapped in a single bill that passed 41 to 7 with two abstentions. Others memorialized include Ghanwatti Boodram, a mother killed in a gas explosion in Queens in April; the boxer Sugar Ray Robinson; and a number of veterans, police officers and community activists.


This is downright offensive. Honoring this grade A mope along with these honorable fellows, a group that includes VETERANS and POLICE OFFICERS. This city should take every sign down that honors a police officer if they're going to honor this Sean Bell skell.


“Sean Bell Way” will stretch for three blocks of Liverpool Street in Jamaica, starting at 94th Avenue, near the site of the shooting.


No RMP should ever go down Sean Bell Way.

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Was not the fact that Bloomberg still lives at Gracie Mansion proof enough that the City Council is incompetent?


Like I said, the coffin is being lowered into the ground now. There's no hope.

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