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What $75M Kat-astrophe, says CBS about Katie Couric


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What $75M Kat-astrophe, says CBS about Katie Couric

CBS publicly closed ranks around embattled anchor Katie Couric Thursday, but, in private, unhappy network execs tried to figure out what to do with their $75 million flop.


Word that Couric's days as anchor of the third-place "Evening News" might be numbered plunged the battered news organization into more turmoil and was another black eye for a network once considered the gold standard of TV news.


Even though the news broadcast has fallen deeper into the ratings abyss under Couric, CBS doesn't want to lose the perky TV princess to another network - especially to NBC, where she was the star of the "Today" Show.


Full story: nydailynews_logo.gif icon_offsite.png - April 11, 2008

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