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(AUS)Miracle escape from train-car smash outside Mildura


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From the Herald Sun:

Miracle escape from train-car smash outside Mildura

# Jessica Craven

# From: Herald Sun

# February 01, 2011 11:38AM

UPDATE 1.10pm: FIVE men made miracle escapes after their car apparently lurched forward at a crossing before it was crushed by a freight train this morning.


The five men inside made a miracle escapes after their car was left a mangled wreck by a Pacific National freight train near Red Cliffs, south of Mildura, this morning.


Rural Ambulance spokeswoman Gabrielle Degenhardt said paramedics were called to the scene at Yatpool West Rd about 7.40am, as the 9101 from Appleton Dock in Melbourne approached within 20km of its destination at Mildura.


One man was trapped for half-an-hour as emergency crews worked to release him.


Red Cliffs Sergeant Colin Robson said police were unsure how the car had ended up in front of the bulk-carrier diesel locomotive.


"The train driver said he saw the car stop at the crossing and as the train drew level with the crossing, the car jumped in front of him," he said.


It is believed the men are from overseas and worked at a nearby farm.


The driver sustained lower body and leg injuries and the other four men sustained minor injuries.


All were taken to Mildura Base Hospital.


Police are investigating the crash, with the car understood to have been impounded as part of the investigation.


A Pacific National spokeswoman said the two-driver crew had been relieved and had been cleared after being tested for drugs and alcohol, and were believed to have been traumatised by the incident.


“They’ll be undergoing counselling,” she said.


The site was cleared of the wreck about 10.30am.


The freight service, which was carrying containers, was the first supply service to head to Mildura since the region was flooded.


V/line had already checked automated train crossings along to route to ensure none were damaged, but Pacific National stressed the incident had occurred on an open level crossing, not controlled by lights, signals or boom gates.




How anyone lived through that is beyond me. The train would of been traveling 60Km/H in that section.

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