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RERC-Accessible Public Transportation (APT) Public Transit Bus Usability Study


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Hello folks,


The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Accessible Public Transportation is currently conducting a survey of usability problems on public transit buses in cities around the world. The study investigates getting on and off public buses, circulating inside of buses, understanding the communication and information systems of public buses, as well as issues concerning rider safety. The information collected from this study should help identify the aspects of using public buses that merit further detailed experimental research in controlled settings. The survey targets a broad demographic including manufacturers, designers, engineers, researchers and riders (of all abilities). Not only are we interested in learning about the problems faced on public buses, but also in acquiring feedback on participants’ (1) “best practice” experiences with public transportation in cities they have visited and (2) what they envision for the bus of the future.


You can find more information about the survey and a link to participate at the following website.



This Center is funded by grant number H133E080019 from the United States Department of Education through the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. It is a collaborative effort between the University at Buffalo and Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute.


Thank You,



Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access

University at Buffalo


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