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(Aus)Metro shunts train union officials from its offices

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From The Age:

Metro shunts train union officials from its offices

Clay Lucas

October 4, 2011


METRO has taken on the powerful union representing Melbourne's train drivers, locking its officials out of office space at Flinders Street Station.


On Sunday, Metro management - accompanied by two security guards - changed the locks on an office at the station overlooking Flinders Street long used by the Rail, Tram and Bus Union's locomotive division. Metro also removed the officials from a special roster.


Four union officials rostered to work in the office were told they would be driving trains instead of their usual union work.


Metro spokesman Daniel Hoare confirmed that other railway staff would now be using the rooms.


He said the union had been given two weeks' notice of the change, adding that the union officials would be making up for a shortfall in drivers.


"We have a shortage of drivers," Mr Hoare said. "We need to get anyone who can drive out on the tracks."


But union official Terry Sheedy said the office space had been provided at the station or nearby for both union representatives and occupational health and safety officers for more than 20 years.


The move was an attack on its members and broke an enterprise agreement train drivers signed with former rail operator Connex that was meant to be honoured by Metro, he said.


"They are attacking us because they want to destroy union power on the railways," Mr Sheedy said.




Last I heard those four union blokes are the last people who go out. I.e when every other standby driver is out and about.


The current EBA ends July 2012 and no strike action is allowed until six months before that date. I'm penciling in Jan 2012 for strike action.

They've been trying thier hardest to get the union into some illegal stike action.

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