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Sand Box John

Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Pictures 10 15 2011

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227 Pictures at my Picasa Web DCMP 10-15-2011 photo album.


All of the trackwork in the junction is in place. Third rail has been installed from the junction west to the west end of the flyover on outnbound track N2 and several hundred feet short on track N1. Looks like all of the train control ground equipment for double crossover and on the K route tracks through the junction are in place. Those that are being used are connect to the West Falls Church K06 train control room. The contractor building the new K98 junction train control room next to the Fisher Avenue substation were working on the foundation for the building. Funny how all of the track work and related ground equipment for the junction is in place with nothing to connect it to.


The Falls Church Yard lead tunnel has been fully excavated under the through lane of the inbound Connector Road and the contractor was constructing the tunnel invert slab. A short segment of the open cut between the connector road and the yard loop is done.


Lifting gantry #1 is now working west of Capitol One Drive in the Tysons McLean (Tysons East) station. The gantry is positioned between the trackways over the center of the columns supporting the elevated structure at the west end of the station. It is still working the trackway spans through the station. Only 4 spans are left to be assembled, 2 on each track. The steel for the mezzanine is in place. About 2/3 of the concrete beams for the station platform are in place.


The western 2 cantilevered spans over the Capitol Beltway on outbound track N2 are not yet completed.


The concrete beams for the station platform in the Tysons Center (Tysons 123) station are only done from the west end of the station to the east side of Tysons Boulevard. The contractor has begun clearing the area at Tysons Corner Ring Road and Tysons Boulevard for the station entrance and pedestrian bridge on the south side Chain Bridge Road that will connect the mall to the station.


The cut and cover tunnels from the bored tunnel east of the Pike Seven Plaza (Tysons Central 7) station are almost complete. Only one segment of the platform slab at the west end remains to be poured, the next to last segment was poured early that morning.


Only a hand full of segments need to be set in the cantilevered spans at Gosnall / WestPark Leesburg Pike intersection, outbound track N2 4, inbound track N1 2 east of the intersection, 4 outbound track N2, 3 inbound track N1 west of the intersection and 5 outbound track N2, 3 inbound track N1 over the intersection.


Lifting gantry #2 is now 4 spans west of the Gosnall / WestPark Leesburg Pike intersection finishing up working outbound track N2.


Spring Hill Road (Tysons West) is not as far along as Tysons McLean (Tysons East) though much that has been there is being done here. 5 of the 11 spans that will carry trains through the station on both tracks have been set. Most of the steel for the mezzanine is in place. 2 of the column head east of the station still have their form in place, 2 of the column head west of the station have not had the form set.


The straddle bent over eastbound Leesburg Pike still has the forms in place. All of the column west of the Leesburg Pike straddle bent and straddle bents over the Dulles Access and Toll Road are done The column west of the straddle bent over the Dulles Access Road is a cantilever span column. The footings west of the abutment are being readied for the retaining walls.


Most of the barrier walls between Leesburg Pike and Wiehle are in place. Most of the places where they are not in place is where ground work for the traction power conduits is being installed from the substation and at the interlockings.


Structural work at Wiehle Avenue is done. Precast concrete panels for the station facade have been delivered. The first one was set at the east end of the station on the north outbound side. The architectural design, texture and color of the panels bares no resemblance to the station renderings. In my opinion what being installed looks better then what is shown in those rendering. The dispatcher office at the west end of the platform has the same texture and color as the precast concrete facade panels. It appears there will be enough room to store 2 8 car train in the tail tracks west of the pocket track at the Wiehle Avenue station. I had assumed there would be no trackage west of the pocket track in the Phase I part of the this project.


For those that own a Nikon DSLR, file names roll over to DXX_0001.* after DXX_9999.*


Galleries of earlier pictures can be found at: Picasa Web cambronj

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