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MTA eyes cash-saving service cuts


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MTA eyes cash-saving service cuts


New York City Transit is expected to vote Monday on its budget-savings plan that would halt plans to repair 19 stations, put off paint jobs for flaking elevated structures, and institute a more "efficient" way of cleaning subway cars.


The delays on the capital project are estimated to save $2.4 billion at a time when the MTA is warning of a possible fare hike next year. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority must release a preliminary budget for 2009 next month and estimates a deficit of $500 million to $700 million.


"I think they need to spend money on making stations look better," said Demitri Yermolaev, 26, of Brooklyn, as he waited for the train in Union Square. "Service has to be improved, definitely not scaled back."


Full story: amny_logo.gif icon_offsite.png - June 22, 2008

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