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(Free!) Coffee and a Chat to Help an English Researcher!


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Dear Everyone!


I'm Jamie, an undergraduate research student from England who'll be coming to New York in about a week and a half's time. I'll be doing research into transit-oriented gentrification on the New York Subway. It's a new field which hasn't had much work done, it's exciting, and you could help influence development around new transit routes!


I'll be concentrating in Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint and Red Hook. Yes, I know the last one doesn't have Subway service - and that's the point!, would you consider living in Red Hook despite its lack of transit? Whatabout Greenpoint, which doesn't go into Manhattan? Or in Bushwick, where you'd be staying on the L or J/Z trains for a little while longer? How much do these questions affect you when you're choosing where to live, or in the end was it simply that you found a nice place with air-conditioning at a reasonable rate with a coffee shop in the same block, and nevermind that it's a good 15 mins walk to the L train.


So therefore if you live in, or have lived in Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint or Red Hook, I'd love to take you out to coffee and hear what led you to choose the place you're living in (or used to live in). I'll be in New York City from 9th - 27th September, so let me know a time that's convenient for you!


Feel free to ask any questions, and let me know if you're interested at all :).


(On a side note, coming from London, I do have to say I love the Subway. Simply being able to use it in the middle of the night is fantastic, rather than having to rely on a network of night buses. - Indeed, the only day of the year the London Underground runs 24/7 is New Year's Eve since the lack of diversionary tracks prevent both running and maintance work from being carried out simultaneously. The last time I was in New York, I was pretty impressed that rather than shut down a line at the weekend (as we do in London), local service would remain in operation but only in one direction.)

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