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New ElDorado fuel cell bus at MTA Flint


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MTA Flint in Michigan has apparently gotten its hands on a ElDorado National Hydrogen fuel cell bus, one of it looks like only a miniscule number of TAs, especially outside the California market.


Press release: http://mtaflint.org/travel/altFuel.php


Scrounged around Google looking for a pricetag, and closest was in Canton, OH with it being paid for by a $2.7 million "grant" from the Feds, with Canton not required to pay anything toward it, except the fueling facility and regular maintenance/operational costs.  BUT -- Ohio gave Canton $500,000 to build the fueling as well.



$2.7 million for ONE bus, and only 2x the mpg (or equivalent) of a clean diesel.

But, at least they can brag about how good they are in "saving the planet" (completely by taxpayer money -- including from their own payroll taxes).


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