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(AUS) Adelaide Metro: Trams

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Adelaide, like many other Australian cities had a large and extensive tram network that was ripped up in the 1950s. One one line remains. The Glenelg tram.


The Glenelg tram started out life in 1873 as a broad gauge railway line built by the Adelaide, Glenelg & Suburban Railway Company Ltd. In 1899 it was transferred to the government owned SAR(South Australian Railways) In 1929 the line was to the Municipal Tramways Trust. In the same year the line was shut down and gauge converted to standard gauge and added to the tram system.

At the same time Pengelley and Co built 30 H-Type trams for the line. These were based around the American interurban streetcars. These for 77 years provided the service on the line until the arrival of the Flexity Classic trams. 5 trams been retained and can be used on heritage services.


In 2005 a major upgrade of the line and rolling stock was undertaken. 11 Flexity Class trams were ordered to replace the H-Type trams.  In 2007 the line was extended from Victoria Square up King William St and North Terrace to City West, 2009 saw the line extended further to Entertainment Centre. At the same time the government bought Citadis 302 that became surplus after the Metro Ligero de Mardrid scaled back after the line they were meant for was scaled back.




Flexity 112 at the Entertainment Centre Terminus. This tram is in an AOA livery for AGL



Flexity 103 departing Rundle Mall for Glenelg. This isn't the first 103 built. It's actually the second one. The first 103 was damaged beyond repair after loads moved on the ship it was being transported on moved.

In an AOA for 2016 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art.


Citadis 204 at Adelaide railway station bound for Entertainment Centre. Despite being modified to run on the Glenelg line they still retain the Metro Ligero livery. I guess it fits in with the whole paint the thing red to show off it's new.


A standard Metrocard/Metroticket validator.


A Metrocard only validator.


Flexity 103 at Glenelg/Moseley Square.


Citadis 202 at the Rundle Mall stop bound for Entertainment Centre.


Flexity 104 in King William St. In an AOA for Hit Networks HIT107 drive show Hamish & Andy(relayed on half an hour delay from Melbourne). On the other side it had the local breakfast duo of Cat and Amos.


Citadis 206 on North Terrace with a Glenelg bound tram. In an AOA for One Adelaide.


Flexity 104 outside Adelaide station showing the Cat & Amos side of the HIT 107 advertising.


Flexity 101 on North Terrace departing the Adelaide station stop. In an AOA for Domain.


Flexity 107 appears to be the only one not in any sort of AOA.


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