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"Trackside Around New York City 1953-1968 With Bob Malinoski"

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Following up on yesterday's review of "Trackside Around The Big Apple 1964-1973 With Al Roberts," today we look at another Morning Sun release focused on New York Metropolitan Area railroading. Authored by Steve Barry, "Trackside Around New York City 1953-1968 With Bob Malinoski" is a comprehensive look through the camera of Mr. Malinoski at the area's railroads beginning with the late stages of the steam to diesel transition period and concluding shortly before the execution of the Penn Central merger.


Unlike Mr. Roberts' book which focuses on action within the city limits of New York, this volume features locations in the city's surrounding environs. Included are views of PRR electric operations along the New York-Washington mainline west of Newark and K4's running on the New York & Long Branch Railroad. CNJ is not negelected with views of Pacifics, Camelbacks and early diesels sharing the right of way in and around Jersey City. Wonderful images of New York Central trains running up and down both sides of the Husdon are included. The scenery in the Hudson Valley scenes is spectacular. Smaller roads are not neglected. A number of pages are devoted to the pre-Delaware Otsego NYS&W. A spread of photographs of derelict NYO&W equipment sitting in Croxton Yard awaiting its fate is rather poignant. Even lower New York State shortline Middletown & New Jersey is included. In typical Morning Sun practice, the photographs are exquisitely reproduced and the text, mostly in the form of captions, provides just the right amount of information.


The book's list price is $59.95 but, as with other Morning Sun titles, it is available at substantial discounts from a variety of sources. The book would make a worthwhile addition to the collection of anyone with an interest in railroading in the New York City Metropolitan Area.


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