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Lackawanna Diesels

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“Lackawanna Diesels” is a thirty minute program showcasing DL&W motive power during the early 1960’s shortly after the merger with the Erie Railroad.


Coverage begins at the DL&W Manhattan ferry terminal. After some scenes of the ferry boats and a ride across the river, we are treated to splendid images of E8’s, F3’s, GP7’s, RS3’s and multiple unit cars arriving at and departing from Hoboken Terminal. Also seen are locomotives of the Erie Railroad including ALCO’s elegant PA units. Following our time at the terminal, we are transported to numerous locations along the mainline to Scranton and Boonton Line to Denville. Additional types of locomotives spotted include a rare ALCo HH660 and Fairbanks-Morse H24-66 Train Master.


The program is composed of silent film with appropriate environmental sounds expertly matched to the images on the screen. Mark 1 programs are renowned for superbly dubbed soundtracks and this video does not disappoint in this regard. First generation EMD units sound like first generation EMD’s, ALCo’s sound like ALCo’s, etc. There is no narration so we are allowed to enjoy the sounds of the trains as nature intended.


“Lackawanna Diesels” is available on VHS for $26.95 and on DVD as ½ of a combination package with a program devoted to the Phoebe Snow passenger train for $34.95. If you’re interested in seeing what NJ Transit’s Hoboken Division looked like “back in the day,” watching this program would be a good starting point.


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