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Atlas™ RSD5 - Penn Central Diesel Locomotive

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Beginning in 1950, the American Locomotive Company built several types of 1600 horsepower road switchers. The most common of these types was the four motor RS3 which proved quite versatile as it performed effectively in a variety of roles. The six motor RSD4 and RSD5 were also erected during this period, albeit in much smaller quantities.


Like the RS3, the RSD4/5 was powered by ALCo’s 244 prime mover; however, the six motor locomotive was equipped with a larger generator to give it greater tractive effort. The RSD4/5 appealed to roads with stiff grades and it served well in its assigned role. RSD4/5 sales numbers were much less than those of the RS3. The RS3 was much more versatile and therefore appealed to a wider customer base.


Atlas has produced a well done N scale model of a Penn Central RSD5. The Penn Central RSD5’s were purchased new by the Pennsylvania Railroad during the 1950’s and became PC property upon the Pennsy’s merger with New York Central in 1968. Some PC units survived in service long enough to be conveyed to Conrail on April 1, 1976.


The N scale locomotive features the superb painting and detailing for which Atlas is renowned. The unit even features accurately painted hand railings including the contrasting color of yellow at the ends as stipulated by federal regulations. The road number of my locomotive is the 6805. It was one of the units which survived long enough to be conveyed to Conrail. The RSD5 runs as well is it looks. It is equipped with Accumate knuckle couplers out of the box so swapping out Rapido couplers is not required in this instance.


Atlas’ list price for the RSD5 is $99.95 with significant discounting available. It would make an excellent addition to any railroad’s motive power roster.


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