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New Jersey Transit Push-Pull

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"New Jersey Transit Push-Pull" is a sixty minute video taped and released by Neff Video Productions during the late 1980's. The program provides complete coverage of NJ Transit's North Jersey Coast Line between Bay Head and Matawan.


Since it was filmed during the late 80's, the video has become essentially a vintage look at a railroad whose physical plant looks quite different in its current configuration. The ALP44's wre not yet in regular service so electric locomotive hauled trains were still powered by huge E60CH's. These motors are seen in both full NJT dress and patched Amtrak paint. "Arrow" multiple unit equipment, since restricted from operation west (south) of Matawan due to electrical collection considerations, was assigned to many runs and "Arrows" are seen frequently during the program. The former CNJ GP40P's had not yet been sent to Conrail's Juniata Locomotive Shop for extensive modification and still retain their characteristic flat face at the end of the long hood. Similarly, the F40PH-2 fleet had not been modified for CAT head end power and can be spotted still in their factory built configuration of supplying HEP from the prime mover. The GP40FH-2 units were relatively new on the property and several units including the 4130 appear.


The program visits numerous locales along the line. NJT had not yet modernized stations with high level platforms so the tape provides a nostalgic look at these facilities. Red Bank, Oceanport, Long Branch, Allenhurst, Asbury Park and Bradley Beach are some of the intermediate points covered in the program. The camera work is excellent, color reproduction is superb and the lack of narration allows us to listen to the impressive prime movers of the Geeps and F40's. The sounds of the E60's imposing blowers and melodious horns bring back nice memories as well. While the contemporary North Jersey Coast Coast Line has been transformed into a modern railroad providing efficient high density passenger service, it is refreshing to step back in time to remember how things were. This program does not disappoint in this regard.


The video in DVD format is priced at $24.95 and may be purchased from Neff Video Productions at http://www.neffvideo.com. It should be considered essential material for any fan of NJ Transit or commuter railroading in general.





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