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"Redbird Farewell Special" by Valhalla (Video)

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Valhalla Video of Tustin, CA offers a video which should be of interest to many NYCTA followers. It is titled "Redbird Farewell Special" and covers the operation of a special train consisting of R33's for the benefit of the March of Dimes. I'm sure some participants on this forum were passengers on the trip.


The footage is primarily from the Motorman's perspective from the head end. Taping begins at Grand Central as the train travels the Lexington Avenue Line downtown. It traverses the loop at City Hall Station and heads north into the Bronx on the Pelham Line to Westchester Yard. The camera continues to roll as the train tours the yard and many superb views are provided, particularly as the train passes the locomotive shop with engines sitting outside. After leaving the yard and heading back toward Manhattan, the trip's next segment is up the Jerome Avenue Line to Concourse Yard. Departing Concourse Yard, the train travels B Division trackage to reach 207 Street Yard. After the train tours the yard, it heads up the connecting track to the Number 1 Line and runs to the terminal at Van Cortlandt Park. The balance of the program is the train's fast run to completion of the trip at Times Square.


Again, the majority of the program is taken from the head end although because of the nature of the trip, several reverse moves were required so the head end becomes the hind end for some segments. In addition to the on board footage, a few trackside scenes along the Pelham Line are included.


The program's length is three hours on two VHS tapes or DVD discs, depending upon your preference of media. At $39.95, it's a great value and provides solid NYCTA entertainment. A B Division trip using vintage BMT equipment was operated the day after this trip and Valhalla offers a companion program of that outing. I have yet to purchase it but, based upon my satisfaction with the IRT program, I'll be sure to add that one to my collection as well.





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