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East River Bridge Toll


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It’s come to our attention that New York City is again trying to level tolls on all entrances in and out of Manhattan which effectively forces people who live in Manhattan or on Long Island to pay tolls to access the mainland of the United States.


In the past, Interpage staff and their families who have worked in New York have been adamantly opposed to what is effectively double taxation. We have put up a few links on our LobbyByFax system to facilitate a constituent response to put pressure on legislators in Albany as well as the New York City Council to express disdain for these proposals.


Anyone who is reading this who feels similarly are encouraged to use this service. It is completely free and we do not use, solicit or in any way do anything with any names or addresses. LobbyByFax will never e-mail you. Your information will be purged after your fax has been sent out.


Should you wish to participate, please select the state of New York from the dropdown menu list of the alert page on LobbyByFax and then select the representatives you wish to communicate with.


Direct link to LobbyByFax alert:



Main page of the LobbyByFax service:



Main page of Interpage:



List of LobbyByFax alerts and their descriptions:







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