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Mikey from TML-Studios has some questions about bus animation


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I am Mikey and team member of the TML-Studios, the developer of the new bus simulation "World of Busdriver". Here our first release will be the famous M 42 bus route.


At the moment we are working on finetuning of the Nova RTS T80-206 bus - the 3d model. And here we could need some help referring the section "animation":


Maybe someone of you has some video material that shows the door animations (only from outside view) of the front and rear doors and also material that shows the "kneeling" effect and the wheelchair ramp animation?


We want to create realistic animation effects and thats why we could need some "visual support".


We would be happy if you could help us to create the best possible bus simulation for all bus fans.


Thanks for your attention.


Have you all a great time here!


Kind regards,


Mike Korn alias Mikey


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Hi UlmerPark 06,


there is no definite release date so far. This is our publishers part. I think within this quarter we could be able to give Aerosoft a beta version.


And if the people at Aerosoft are satisfied with our work (after various tests) they will announce a release date.




Mike ;)

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Hi Adam3544,


yes I received the additional links. I just looked at them and I am impressed.


Now we have all what we still needed.


Of course your bus simulator copy will be on the way as soon as the box is available!


Thanks ones more for you great support and help!


Best regards,


Mike Korn


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