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Backs of Old CNG's being repainted?


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Today as I got off the N6 I noticed that the back of the bus was completly white, meaning there was no ad and no orange/blue stripe. Now my question is, are they repainting the whole back of the CNGs to look like the NG CNGs? Are they gonna put the MTA Long Island Bus on the upper left corner and the other signs like "This bus makes wide turns"?


Sry that I didn't get the bus number but I think it was 1644 but I'm prob wrong, and it was goin to Jamaica about 40 minutes ago. Thnx.

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They are making them similar to MTA Bus Company's Orion Vs. There are plans for them to finally become fully as part of (MTA) Bus Company around the end of this year. So I get they are getting ready to remove the Orange stripe off the buses.

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