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    Pennsylvania, the one state where you can't own a pet hedgehog.
  1. 12 miles mulling around various locations in Newport, RI last week. Made worse by the fact that I was lugging around a case of Moxie for the last 6 miles.
  2. Hi, I'm SI Subway. I was an (admittedly incredibly noobish) user here back in 2011, but it's been so long and the site's apparently changed so much that I might as well be new here. I no longer live in the greater NY area and my knowledge of recent MTA activity is limited, so I probably will end up more of a consumer of info than a producer. However, I still look forward to reacquainting myself here and being an active, positive member of the community. I've had much more experience on the Internet since 2011, so at least I won't be a complete idiot like before. Also btw if anyone's from Nationstates or the Super Mario Wiki, I'm New Matawan and Toad85 respectively. Just in case I happen to know anyone here.
  3. I came in here almost out of knowhere, and I'm leaving without warning. I hope you all remember me, if only for today. I may perhaps come back in the near future, or perhaps never again. I will start a thread so people may make a proper farewell.
  4. @ Shortline Bus: What about this opening? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL8nnMpV2Eo
  5. YAAAY! After his suckish last year, it's good that he is shaping up to be a mini-star. Who knows, he could just be the next Beltran (ironically, to replace Beltran). Agreed. Baseball should be more about strategy, and less about brute force. John McGraw taught us that. Why can't we have another 1890s Orioles in the Majors? It would make the games SO much more interesting to have a villain...
  6. I always knew PETA was crazy. Now I have solid evidence. Okay, let's listen to some Elton John while in the port-a-potty. Creepy... I want one too. It was confusing to me at first as well, so I'm don't mind that you think it's boring. You really need to watch the show from the beginning to understand what the heck is going on. At least it's better than Jersey Shore. Do you have a final date? I was in a condo in Florida the last 2 weeks, that's why I didn't post much. I'm back now, and postier than ever.
  7. If by "realistic" you mean more detailed, then definitely. But if you mean closer to the actual models used on the show in proportion and styling, then the Bachmann Models take the top, IMO. Plus you usually can get a much better price for a Bachmann over a Hornby, depending on the model.
  8. I hate snooki. In fact, I dislike the Jersey shore series in general. Big Brother is so much better.
  9. This is a fun game I found somewhere. Basically, you have to somehow take the throne from the person who posted before you. You can use and do anything, as long as it's clean and not extremely violent. Bazookas are ok, but anything bigger is a no-no. When you take the throne by the means posted in the first section, you are to post "throne get", to signify your authority of the throne. I'll post an example: "I throw a bottle at your head and you fall off. Throne get." Now let's do it for real!
  10. I dislike both options. 2 solves nothing and causes confusion, and 1 worsens the problem even more. I think that the games should be 60% in-division, 39% out-division but in-league, 1% interleague. Either that or 2% interleague. Interleague was, at it's start, a gimmick to increase sales. Leave it a gimmick, and have only 3-6 games per year be interleague. Not only that, but if I'm seeing interleague, I don't want to see Mariners-Nationals. The Interleague games should be between two teams that either share history or are hated rivals, like the Yanks-Mets, Phils-A's, Nats-Orioles, or RedSox-Braves. I also want to introduce something, I don't know if this has happened yet, but how about as part of the All-Star game fiasco, you have the winner of the MLB all-star game play the AA or AAA all-star winner. That would be interesting to see, and it would set the true MLB prospects out from the guys that just are good in AAA.
  11. That picture you just sent me is gigantic.

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