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  1. Nice to see Miami as the city name for the Marlins. You forgot that the DiamondBacks have started 3 and 0 this season.
  2. Welcome to our community!
  3. Is it just Academy and Hillside #22 or are there more companies that operate routes for New Jersey Transit? Also, which Jersey City routes are operated by each?
  4. Hi! Happy twenty-fifth anniversary to Fox! Here in Tucson, FOX is KMSB Channel 11.
  5. Hi! I've a job! I work for the Beacon Group. It's Monday through Friday 8:00am to 2:30pm. It's fun - I make rivets, put binders together and help wash cars and trucks.
  6. Hi! Please use this thread to post your random thoughts about Long Island Railroad and Metro-North Railroad service.
  7. Hi! Construction has begun here in Tucson on the Modern Streetcar line (I love that name). Presently, construction is on North Fourth Avenue between East University Boulvard and East Congress Street and on East Congress Street between Toole and Stone Avenues. The good news is that the Ronstadt is open, though Sun Tran bus routes are on detours Downtown due to Congress being closed. When completed, the Modern Streetcar line will run from North Park Avenue and East University Boulevard to the west side of the Santa Cruz River on West Congress Street via University, Fourth and Congress. Why the Modern Streetcar? I think it's to distinguish it from the Heritage Streetcar that currently runs from North Euclid Avenue and East University Boulevard to East Eighth Street and North Fourth Avenue (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays). It will be interesting to see if the vintage streetcar will run the full route and how frequently the modern streetcars will run. Presently, our best time is on the #8 Broadway-Sixth Avenue which is every ten minutes during the day portion on Weekdays, fifteen minutes during the same on Saturdays and every twenty minutes during the same on Sundays. The #4 East Speedway has ten and fifteen minutes during the day portion on Weekdays. For detour updates, please visit http://www.suntran.com
  8. I got the number wrong. It's 2949. And it has a mate - #2950. Riders enjoy the soft, comfortable front seats on these two buses.
  9. It's official then? NJT is operating the #10 with the same number? This is wonderful!
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