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  1. Surgeries. You bet. Every question imaginable will be asked. Get a full physical if you have insurance. If you don't, make sure you know your BP numbers (drug stores have machines in the pharmacy departments), go get an eye exam (cohens has them for $20), a hearing test would help, (there are Ipad apps for this) and test your urine with strips if you can (for blood, protein and sugar.) Those are the main things that get people put on hold.
  2. Thanks again. Did you take your signal exam yet?
  3. So far Me and Dan are the only ones going in on the 30th.
  4. There is a questionnaire of about 50 questions. Do you smoke, drink, had a seizure, an STD, etc. Physical exam is Hearing, Vision, Blood Pressure, EKG, Urine for protein, sugar and blood.
  5. Thats how you give advice. Thank You.
  6. It's not a misunderstanding. This dude has a habit of offering unsolicited douche sprinkled, troll like advice and opinions when no one asked for it. He also likes to put all the newbies in one block, like we're all incapable of reading comprehension. It's not the first time. and I'm sure it won't be the last.
  7. Lets get a few things straight: 1. I never said that YOU said that they couldn't post it. Re-read the original post. Misunderstanding #1. 2. Clarification means that you are having a hard time understanding what was said, which can be understood as being a difficult. Mard answered my question, without all the nonsene you are communicating, so apparently it didn't need to be "clarified". I also never asked for a specific tax bracket, I was looking for a ball park figure, as some people may not want to disclose that information. 3. While sometimes you offer a wealth of information, you come off as being a bit of a deutxbag. I pray to god I don't run into you underground. 4. Nobody asked you to chime in about G2's or what RCC does, that has NOTHING to do with the question I asked. You are drawing way too many conclusions from a generic question, and appear to lump all newbies into one pot. I don't know you from a can of corn, so who are you to make the assumption that I wouldn't know how to understand potential orders given from superiors based on what others are failing to do? 5. Unless you are in schoolcar, I'm not even talking to you, so why reply?
  8. I don't see how asking someone to post what they've make in school car after taxes is such a difficult question. Other people have asked in this thread and no one has offered that information, like it's some huge secret.
  9. Searched high and low for this question, and no one has answered it yet. For those in school car, what is the pay looking like after taxes?
  10. 1st Drug test when called, then if they don't call you again within 90 days, you have to take a second drug test. During medical there is another urine test done on site to test for protein, blood and sugar in urine.
  11. Got a call yesterday to come in today instead of Monday. Medical was easy breezy, and moved fast. The doctor didn't even do half the things people explained here. 2 minutes with her, I couldn't believe it. Saw a few get put on hold. Final Processing was fast too. To all those who are waiting. GET THERE EARLY. Your ticket # means EVERYTHING. Contrary to belief, you are called in the order of arrival. I was in at 6:45 and out by 11:45, all the employees are very professional and know their stuff. Good luck to the rest of you and I'll see some of ya on June 30th. List 251x
  12. For me it was: Initial Letter for 1st D/T: 2/14 Second D/T: 6/4 Med/Final Processing: 6/16 List # 251x If you have an Iphone (not sure about Android) there are some free hearing apps you can download to test youself. I would make sure you have some beats by dre or bose like headphones and sit in a quiet room. You must have an average hearing loss, in one ear, less than or equal to 40 decibels (dB). Edit: I'd also get a physical if you have health insurance, or go to a Minute clinic and get one done there for about $80 if you don't. Also, get some urinalyisis strips off Amazon, and test your urine for blood, sugar and protein. You want NO suprises on the medical. Blood pressure must be below 140/90 and the eyes must be 20/40.
  13. Don't be nervous. If you know you are clean, there is nothing to worry about. It's an easy 10 panel DOT drug test. This will be your first of many visits to 180. Words of advice: GET. THERE. EARLY. Like 6:45 early so you can be the first one to get a ticket. Every time i've been I got A103, which means I was the 3rd person seen for drug test. Even with that, I was still out of there around 10:45. I can't imagine those people who actually showed up at 7:30, they must be there all day.
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