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  1. I don't know how this could have anything to do with 34th St, but at the same time, they were sending downtown trains via 8th Ave and having them terminate at Jay St-Metrotech. This caused a huge logjam in the Cranberry Tunnel that I was stuck in the middle of. Why they didn't just have the 's turnaround at WTC is beyond me. Took me an extra hour to get home is all I know...
  2. This is probably a dumb question, but I'm a little confused about something. Tuesday night, I was walking across the Manhattan Bridge. An OOS train was going across, Manhattan-bound, on the north track. This train had the LED green ring on the roll sign lit up, but I couldn't make anything else out in the low light. This couldn't possibly be an R62A, right? Did any B-Division cars get those lights? What the heck did I see?
  3. This is the world we live in: a person is tempted to take the . Ridership at the gentrified Fulton Local stations [Lafayette to Rockaway Ave] has increased by 2 million annually over the last 5 years and not much has been done to remedy it...
  4. I've always been a big advocate of the . Despite popular belief, it is rarely ever late for me and due to the fact that everyone hates it, I always get a seat. But then I spent a few months having to ride it during the morning rush and it was a much different story. It would still be on time, but the headways are way too long. The train would get so crammed that only a third of the people waiting could get on at Clinton-Washington and then at Lafayette, nobody could get on at all. I saw this happen 3 or 4 times a week. And it's not that there's another right behind it. Those people would have to wait another 10 minutes and hope that the next one is actually enterable. Adding just one measly train between 9 and 10am would make a world of difference. I'm just glad that I went back to commuting off-peak...
  5. 6th Ave doesn't have a train that terminates in Manhattan
  6. With my experience in riding the between Lafayette and Hoyt, there should be an announcement for "Ladies and gentlemen, we are being held momentarily due to train traffic behind us. Thank you for your patience.", followed by an crawling past and overriding at 3 MPH...
  7. I was at Canal St at around 7 tonight, and I saw an OOS R32 pull in on the downtown express track. Except it was a 4 car set (ending in 3782), signed up as a in the front/back lights. Might be a dumb question, but can anybody shed some light as to why this would be there in that state?
  8. I just walked by Kingston-Throop and a Manhattan-Bound train definitely pulled into the station, stopped and proceeded. So I'm as puzzled as the rest of you.
  9. I guess your friend of a friend was also my friend of a friend, because I was about to copy and paste the same thing you posted hours ago. Somehow, Leah Evans has found her way to the transit forums. We're all doomed.
  10. I remember in the beginning of summer 2012, the r46 C's would read "via Delaney St", which then got switched to "via Delanley St"... And yeah, I've seen plenty of r46's where the front half is going to Far Rockaway and the back half going to Lefferts. Same goes for local and express.
  11. True. Also, considering the time, it was probably the last of the night...
  12. Just encountered something weird and maybe someone here can shed some light on it. I was waiting for a train at High St about an hour ago when a train rolled in. I asked the T/O where it was going and he said it would go on the to CI. This made sense to me. Shortly afterward, a train came and I really got confused. Again, I asked the T/O where it was going, but this time he was unsure of himself and suggested Brighton Beach. The train tried to leave the station, went 2 inches, then halted so that he could get further instructions on where he was actually going. Logically speaking, there is no possible way a train could get from High St to Brighton, right? Why wasn't this train terminated at WTC or 2 Ave? How can a train get that far without knowing where it's actually going? Can anybody help me out here? And of course I was too befuddled to get pics. Rats.
  13. It's probably not what you're looking for, but the BMT Sea Beach doesn't have a transfer to the B43 on the line...
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