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  1. Per ATU 1056 contracts with MTA,going back decades, ONLY a STENGEL BO can work a regularly scheduled run,such as the hawk on the SBSQ44.Only school trips are shared between the 3 NYCT Depots in Queens, and this was started 10-15 yrs ago by the TA, for logistics reasons like mileage and fuel. So while you will never see a QV or Jam Depot BO do a school trip to the Bronx Zoo,you will see them do a SB trip to Jam, which puts them closer to their home Depot. Most BO's from whichever of the 3 Queens Depots, have no idea where the other Queens TA Depots routes go and the turns,stops,etc. Hope this helps!
  2. The transit authority is a stickler about covering ur right side at all times,which is why u see us taking up 2 lanes whenever possible. Having a bus stop on the drivers side would have us merging into traffic from left to right and they don't want that
  3. Are all having cameras installed in the,. Typical of the TA to do this after they are manufactured since I'm sure it costs more to install them now then when they were being built. Anyway glad we are getting the extra crime deterrent. 5896,5906,5913 have them already. 5906 was involved in a bus on bus yesterday with a q27 that as turning onto Main Street from 39th ave. so she will be out of service for a while.
  4. Guys it's the fact that the bx13 sign says Yankee Stadium on it.i am a Yankee fan and I love to put that sign up whenever I'm driving past shitty field and all the mets fans are leaving after another lose.lol
  5. They should start settling the contracts with its employees!!!!
  6. They should Make the fine 500 dollars. That amount would definitely get most of the people to think twice bout fare beating.
  7. Hey guys not for nothing but this forum is open to everyone which means there could be mta bosses on here watching what peeps write and discuss on here. That being said I'm not sure it's a good idea writing what questions were on the test. Not sure what the mta boss response to that would be. First thing u should learn when it comes to the mta is to CYA! Cover Your Ass. With that being said good luck to all of you
  8. Congrats and good luck! When I go to zerega I try to get there by 6am. Get a paper and some coffee on the way and then just chill in my car till its time to go inside. If u get there anytime after 630am I'd say u will have a real hard time parking.a couple yrs ago I had to park almost a mile away. And it was raining.lol.
  9. Buses can fit on the entire length of the cross island parkway
  10. Ur welcome. Most people aren't aware of it. That goes for some operators as well.lol
  11. There could b pictures of one. But I am not going to take a picture of it. I'm sure there r other mta b/o's willing to back me up on that. I believe the only restriction we have is somewhere on the belt parkway due to a height clearance. I ask you to watch the cross island parkway for example. On a typical weekday morning I'm sure u will be able to count dozens of queens village depot buses deadheading on that parkway which like all other parkways in ny is " passenger cars only".
  12. Lol yes we are aloud on there. Every city bus has a paper permit in th drivers area issued by the NYC dot that gives us permission to travel on parkways either while deadheading or in passenger service. Now you know. Don't forget cause there will be a test on all this next week. Lol
  13. Lol I hate to tell u but it fits. The op was probably trying to avoid traffic.
  14. I read just couple days ago the mta was doubling the size of the eagle team.i think it was either in the daily news or the post. Anyway good luck

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