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  1. I’m getting really fed up with these BS posts. If it is not transferred, do not post it, this thread is for actual bus moves only. What happened to the mods on here?
  2. Jeremiah no offense taken, but yeah I was talking to you.
  3. Smfh. How much space you going to waste?
  4. So that’s why it was saved. Interesting.thx.
  5. Why are you asking this in multiple threads? Be patient. Smh.
  6. There will not be any XD60s used on the Q70 unless they run out of SBS XD40s.
  7. Come on guys, read the previous pages before posting.
  8. FLA is getting brand new XD60s!!!! What else do you want??? Smh.
  9. Because the MTA said so. Brooklyn is getting new XD40s too............

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