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  1. I mentioned something similar using a blue V to some where.
  2. I kind of like the new idea to a point. I think M would do fine going to rock park. Didn't the C go to rock park at one time or another?
  3. The whole point is *IF they reactivate this line,it is to get people a one seat ride to Manhattan. The G does not go to Manhattan. Passengers could use the M or an orange K.
  4. Wait let me get this straight, the 6209s are not going to be SBS? So I guess we will see them on the Q39? Smh.
  5. The G dosen't even count since it does not go to manhattan. The last I checked the T is re4served for the 2nd ave subway. Perhaps an orange K to Howard beach to 34th and 6th. via 53rd st and sending the M down 63rd st.
  6. I guess no one liked my idea. Anyway. I thought the line RBB line would at 34th st on the 6th or 8th ave lines?
  7. the reincarnated V could be an 8th ave exp.
  8. Let me add my $0.02 here, I would either have the blue K come back again..........or have a reincarnated V train to Howard beach via QBL, 8th Ave and 6th ave. after W4th st. to 2nd ave/Houston st. This time the V bullet would be in blue and not in orange. I'm not saying this will happen, I just giving my opinion on it.

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