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  1. 6274, 6275, 6276, and 6281 all have luggage racks in them.
  2. 6275 is NOT wrapped yet. 6274 is the only one wrapped for now.
  3. I saw 8898-8902/8963-8967 on the R a few hours ago.
  4. No, 4672 went from QV to MHV. I saw it at MHV a few weeks ago.
  5. 3086, stripped at ECH scrap, and 3336 is at ECH scrap line.
  6. 8817-8813/8717-8713 are or were on the F line a few hours ago.
  7. Queens but I know for a fact they aren’t going anywhere
  8. let’s do the math 27 Xd60s would go to Ulmer? That makes about 54 xd40s pushed out. I could see the 4800s leaving Brooklyn all together.
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