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  1. If you fail the mta bus training, how long it take for you to reapply?. On does the reapplying waiting period goes for all three mta bus division?.
  2. Which depot you are training from?. On who is your instructor, if I may ask at this moment.
  3. Practice on that right turn, with the 4feet from the curb.If you master that then you are good to go.Don't be afraid of the 40foot hybrid, but respect it.there is not enough time, so you got to learn fast.
  4. I guess that maybe us, because that was were we doing our parallel parking. You got that right I have a lot of respect for b/o.I suppose to be call for another city job soon, with what I learn from mta Bus, I will take with me to this other job.I did my training in fresh pond depot. If you can drive there you can drive anywhere in the city trust me.
  5. I just fail on 6-17-13,that was day 10.I was support to pass on day 9,but i hit a curb.the training is one of the most intense experience of my life. At night before training I couldn't sleep, that was how intense it was.But I leave with a lot of experience.
  6. Can someone explain, If exam 4600 is going to be a boss survey type of test.
  7. Is exam 4600,mta bus,oa or take.?. I mean transit not take.
  8. I didn't qualify, on day 10. But I get some experience that I will take with me to my other city job .the training is so intense. I am advicing all you guys out there, don't give up your regular job, until you are sure you get this job.
  9. I am going to day 10,driving so good on day 9,then bam I hit the curb on a right turn.
  10. I went to day 8 ,but i will be alright, just some additional training on my right turn. I have to catch that reference point, then i be good. Tomorrow is day 8.
  11. What is the weight for the wheel chair mechanical lift ?.
  12. Mta Bus orientation today day 1,tomorrow we going on the road. Supt Oliver is good instructor.
  13. Thanks you have been a great help to this forum, continue the good deed you are doing
  14. After orientation at zeraga at day 1.I want to know if day 2 , will we be at zeraga or will be training from another depot .this about training for mta Bus. Could someone give me an answer?.

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