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  1. I'll just let them know to update it. It was an honest mistake.
  2. So Im sitting here and I just remembered that I had a job that I didnt work for a significant time and I was working it during the same time I had the other job during that time frame. Should I call HR and let them know about it? Will it be a big deal? My start date is July 9th.
  3. mystpinky- I have to take the exam in November. If I fail I get axed...They hired me based on my experience. I saw the opening for Car Inspector and I applied got the interview and the rest is history. I got the passbook study guide and I started going over it. So hopefully Ill pass the exam.
  4. Hey everybody I just got the job and my start date is July 9th. I found out that my list number was in the twenties. So maybe that's why I got called so quick. Funky groves I asked the lady how many people they are hiring and she said a lot. So be patient you'll get called. Hopefully I'll see ya there . If you got any questions let me know.
  5. Apparently they must have liked my resume and my answers on the interview. I do have alot of experience working in this field.
  6. So I ve finished my drug test and handed in my paperwork last friday and I got a call today for the medical on thursday. What kind of things do they do on the medical. I admit I have some elevated cholesterol that I just found out about. I have to start taking medication for this. Will they disqualify me for this? Otherwise Im pretty healthy other than the fact that I have to lose ten or fifteen pounds. Is the medical requirements for Car Inspector less stringent than if you were doing it for lets say Train operator?
  7. I dont have a list number.
  8. Hey everybody, On friday June 15th, I took my drug test and handed in my Pre-employment paper work in and they sent me home with a manila envelope containing the CPD-B paperwork. I know they are probably doing the background check on me now but I wanted to know how long will it be till I hear something from them. I anxiously cant wait to start this job and start training. I didnt take the exam yet but I will in the fall. Whats the best preparation for this exam? I know there is a book but Im not sure of the exact title. What's on the practical? I just want to be prepared because this is my passion, to work on trains and with the MTA!
  9. I have an upcoming physical at livingston. I currently take two prescription medications. What kind of a drug test do they give? I havent had a problem at my previous jobs with taking them and they were DOT drug tests. I dont want them to hold the medications against me. One medication im done taking this week and the other I have been on for years.
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