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  1. The interviewer told me that list is being compile but if i wanted to find my score i have to go to 180 livingston st first floor to get the score.
  2. Oh yea got to review it...i just took this exam just in case the telephone maintainer position didnt go thru. Good luck to the rest this saturday.
  3. It was really easy but dont rush. The person who develop the test have put most answer on the same consecutive letter (1=A,2=A,3=A etc.). Just describing how my test was. Did anybody had the same situation. How many people probably second guess themselves on the right answer. I almost did!
  4. Well i got call for a second lab on march 23. Then they called me last tuesday for my finalization. I heard the next class will be on April 15.
  5. Well I overheard the lady from the front desk saying that the next training class is on April 15, and that theres about four slots left. I dont know how true is that however im going to my finalization on April 5.
  6. Just got called for a second interview tomorrow at Livingston st. The guy told me they have a few position left open.
  7. By any chance do u know how long is the wait after the initial drug test. Also when they put me on the temp list is there any chance I would work in the mta or they just wanted to have a backup just in case the first list fall through?
  8. is funny how i never recieved the exam result i thought i failed on something. well maybe i did if i was called for just a temp lol.
  9. I got a letter on dec 5 for an pre employ screening on the 7 very short notice indeed. I received the employment history booklet to fill n told me someone will me soon. But is for a temp position I dunno what that means.
  10. I received a letter on dec 5 for a pre employ on dec 7 for a temp telepone maintainer. I took the drug test and got the any book form to fill out. My question is being a temp how ong they would need me for or is just to see how I make out in the field? I don't want to quit my current position just to work for only a few months. And how long until I get called back for the second round?
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