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  1. Ok, here iam, hello from ISRAEL! Next stop is NYC.
  2. Oh thanks, it will be good! Love young and modern cities!!!
  3. Omg, too many people on the last pic. Poor train... How many in NYC subway for example?
  4. Like, thanks! I see on the bus "New York blood center", it is in the bus? Or just advt?
  5. The pics convey a cold atmosphere and reminds me of movie 8 Mile.
  6. Thanks! So photo by lilbluefoxie of freight train more like exception then the rule.
  7. Yes, but i meant something else.... unlike Paris subway Russian/Ukrainian has separate rails, and i guess its more safely (in order to avoid head-on collision of trains). Lol, i just asked, i thought may be somewhere in internet statistic about daily number of passengers in subway.. Just too lazy for searching today. Cool tram and interesting house above!
  8. OMG, old station, reminds me of entrance to WC This sign is original from 2nd war? Or just copy of it? By passengers? Who is nambavan? BTW i see the different between typical station in your and our subway (Ukraine, Russia). And you will?
  9. Thanks, it's remings me S-Bahn in German cities. Do you everyday traveling in RER?
  10. All this pics taken in Albany, NY, right? I feel something warm watching this photos! The city looks so neat and young!!!
  11. Love last one, but..... what double-decker train doing in the subway???
  12. I understand now, i was confused cuz google used the same black lines for subway and rail roads, but two different icons. Nice photo! Looks unusual (the freight train on the passenger station). I see, many industries are there. They are going at night cuz they don't have separate rails, and from morning to evening the rails full of passenger trains, right? So, u live in Bethpage? Nice place i'd like to notice, like all in New York area, really love it, quiet and peaceful american life. And now i know, what the place, where the people dreaming to get!
  13. Second one (blue light from the doors and windows) - MEGA!!!
  14. I want to buy D300s or D700/D800 (full frame), and of course 24-70 2.8 Where u from?
  15. R u russian?? I use old D60 + kit 18-55.
  16. Cool trains, looks reliable (even the're old). Will they be destroyed or will be sold to other poorer countries like mine (Ukraine)? What about new train projects?
  17. Nice pics, but.... Apparently im a very kind person!
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