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  1. You will get called. It will probably take about a year or so from now to reach your #. A tss in schoolcar the other day said there will be a T/O class every month till atleast June of next year. Good luck.
  2. That sounds about right. Hopefully they keep this pace going. Good luck to all.
  3. D/T results are good for 90 days. Next, they may call you for medical or another D/T if the class gets filled before they reach your number.
  4. I had to take the D/T twice. Don't count on them. Fill out the paperwork. You're better off safe than sorry.
  5. Passed the medical and got sworn in today. I will be in the Dec. 16 class. I was hoping for a Jan class so i could have more time to tie up loose ends at work. Unfortunately, the lady who swore me in checked and said that there aren't any other classes scheduled yet. This forum was very helpful and i will post anything i learn that hasn't been mentioned to help keep everyone informed. Thank you for all the insight. My list# 1650's
  6. I took two dt's. My first dt was 9/11. Second on 10/31.
  7. I just got the phone call to come in Dec. 5th. List # 1650's.
  8. My first d/t was sept. 11th. The second d/t was on halloween.
  9. My list # is in the 1,650's. I took the d/t twice already. It looks like we're just going to have to be patient a little while longer.
  10. I will be there. I just went down to 180 livingston st. last week for drug test for train operator position, but i like to keep my options open.
  11. Unfortunately, it was only to retake the drug test. From what i understand, they have enough people for the November class already. My 1st D/T was 9/11 and the results are good for only 90 days. Therefore, some of us have to take the D/T again to get into the late Dec. class.
  12. Yup, a letter. No phone call. Thank you Axelt78
  13. Just got the letter to report for medical 10/30. I took the d/t 9/11. My list # 1,650's. Wish me luck and good luck to all!
  14. Got the drug test letter today too. It says to report 11/4 7:30 am. List # low 30's. Good luck to all.
  15. Thanks for the update. I took the D/T 9/11 and still working on the 21 page booklet. List # 1650's
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