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  1. Of course, these could all be light rail routes for the sake of funding...hmmm...
  2. Route (10) Fordham Rd -Inwood 207 St -207 St -University Heights -Fordham Rd -Fordham Rd -Webster/ Fordham Univ -Bathgate/ Fordham Univ -Pelham Pkwy -Williambridge/ Pelham Pkwy -Eastchester -Morris Park Ave -Westchester Sq/ Tremont Av -Waterbury Ave -Bruckner Blvd -LaFayette Ave -Randall Ave -117 St -SUNY Maritime College (fictional (8)
  3. I agree- A east west Bronx route could come in handy... The best idea I could think of was a shuttle or an extension of the unless this east west route connected to Queens...hmm... Maybe a Fordham Rd route in the Bronx that connects to Eastern Queens...
  4. Route (O) gray Kings Highway -Bay Pkwy -Kings Hwy -Kings Hwy -Kings Highway -Nostrand Ave (fictional 2) -Flatbush Ave (fictional 5) -Ralph Ave -Canarsie/ Rockaway Pkwy And as for my route ... Yeah, I know that but because its running on Steinway the tracks would kinda run under both...so I kinda just said it would terminate under queens plaza sometimes and other wise just stop at Queensboro Plaza... For lack of a better plan. I was mainly concentrating on the Steinway/ LaGuardia parts, not the beginnings and ends.
  5. Route gray Runs with from Manhattan then branches off onto Jamaica -Metropolitan Ave (Runs all across Metropolitan Ave) -Forest Ave -Fresh Pond Rd -Middle Village/ Metropolitan Ave -73 Pl -80 St -Cooper Ave -Bridge St -70 Ave -Lefferts Blvd -Austin Ave -Jamaica Van Wyck (fictional ) -144 St -Jamaica Center/ Parsons/ Archer fictional
  6. Route -Runs from Chambers St with and Then continues... -Myrtle/ Wycoff Ave -Seneca Ave -Cyprus Hill St -73 Pl -Forest Pk Dr -Union Turnpike -Forest Pk/ Woodhaven -122 St Jamaica Van Wyck -144 St -Jamaica Center /Parsons Archer Ah yes that's on Myrtle Ave.
  7. This would run along with my newer route hence improving the purple lines. The (8) will now reach eastern Queens and Bronx, hence improving the system
  8. Route (purple) LaGuardia/Steinway Runs with from Javits Center then continues to stop at- -Queens Plaza -Queensboro Plaza -36 St -30 Av/ Steinway -Astoria/ Steinway -Hazen/ Ditmars -82 St -LaGuardia Airport (connection to some kind of AirTrain) -Northern Blvd -Mets-Willets Point -Flushing/ Main (Turns onto Kissena) -45 Ave -Rose Av/ Kissena Park -Queens College/ Harrison Ave -73 Av -Union/ Parson -Kildare Rd/ St Johns University -169 St -Jamacia Center/ Parsons/ Archer For improved East Queens Connection
  9. I know this is totally fantasy and likely impossible but I had the Idea for a light green (H train. It's highly improbable (it runs along (2 (5 and perhaps (7 therefore it doesn't really work well) but...fantasy...so... Ave U/Kings Plaza [Last Stop and fantasy ] (Runs up Flatbush) Fillmore Ave Quentin Rd Flatlands Ave/ Kings Pkwy [transfer to fantasy Kings Pkwy Shuttle] Ave J Flatbush Ave/ Brooklyn College [intention to extend fantasy down Nostrand Ave, will post later] Newkirk Rd (5 Beverly Rd (5 Church Av (5 Winthrop St (5 Sterling St President St Nostrand Av [Fulton St] (Merges onto Union St) Myrtle/ Willoughby Ave Flushing Ave Broadway Metropolitain Ave Nassau Ave Greenpoint Ave 21 St Court Sq Queens Plaza 39 Ave 36 Ave Broadway 30 Ave Astoria Pkwy Steinway Av [Fantasy Purple (9 ] Hazen St [Fantasy Purple 9) ] 82 St [Fantasy Purple 9) ] LaGuardia [Fantasy Purple , Fantasy AirTrain] [Part Time Last Stop ] Northern Ave [Fantasy Purple 9) ] Mets- Willets Point Fantasy 8) (9 Flushing/ Main St Fantasy 8) (9
  10. Someone posted something earlier about extending the and to Rockaway. Here we're my attempts, starting with Flatbush. These routes would replace my original scenario for a route. -Flatbush Ave/ Brookyn College (Turns onto Flatbush) -Ave J -Ave L/ Kings Pkwy -Ave N/ Quentin Rd -Fillmore Ave -Ave U/ Kings Plaza [Last Stop ] -Beach Channel Rd/ Jacob Riis Park (Turns onto Rockaway Beach Pkwy) -Rockaway Park [Last Stop ]
  11. I like the idea, but with your routes vicinity to the Bronx-Whitestone bridge and its easy straight line potential link to the why not extend it to the Bronx? It would increase connection between Bronx and Queens.
  12. Here's another simple yet interesting concept- the leading further into the Bronx. I had two Ideas for this... One was a simple route connecting with the then turning onto Kingsbridge to connect with the and the . Here's the extension- -Inwood- 207 St -216 st (Walkway to 215 St and the train) (Merges with onto broadway) -Marble Hill 225 St (Turns onto 225 St) (Merges onto Kingsbridge) -Webb Ave -Kingsbridge Rd -Kingsbridge Rd END OF ROUTE The other idea was a lot more complicated and dealt with extending the to College of Mt St Vincent by running it along Henry Hudson Pkwy and Riverdale Ave. The beginning is the same...but then the rest is different -Inwood- 207 St -216 st (Walkway to 215 St and the train) (Merges with onto broadway) -Marble Hill 225 St (Turns onto 230th st) -Irwin Ave/Riverdale Pkwy -238 st -254 st/ Hackett Park (Turn slightly onto 261 st) -261 st/ College of Mt St Vincent (stop is within college) END OF ROUTE My first idea was better for connecting different routes. Perhaps I should try extending the to the College of Mt St Vincent instead?
  13. I'm trying something more on the base of a Queens Bronx Connection. The purple (8) train would run with the train from Queensboro Plaza. After reaching all the way to Flushing the train would run to these stations- (Roosevelt ave) -Flushing- Main St -Parsons Blvd -150 St (Turn onto Northern Blvd) -Crocheron Ave -Utopia Pkwy (Turn onto Utopia Pkwy) -29 Av/Francis Lewis Blvd -21 Ave (local only) -16 Ave (local only) (Merge onto/ run alongside Throgs Neck Bridge) (Merge of onto ?Pennyfield Ave? At SCNY) -Maritime College -Harding Ave (Merge onto 177th Av/cross Bronx expwy) -Miles Ave (Merge onto Tremont ave) -Randall Ave -Lafayette Ave -Bruckner Blvd -Waterbury Ave (Local only) (Merge onto Westchester Ave) -Middletown Rd -Buhre Rd -Pelham Bay Park End of route Whatever types of trains that would run, they'd have to be compatible with the trains on both the and lines due to the route. (8) Bronx-Queens connector- Pelham Bay Park (8) Bronx-Queens Connector- Queensboro Plaza I feel this one might just work.
  14. (My first post) My idea was an extension of the train to Kings Plaza. Stations include the following local stations between Current ending of and and Kings Plaza. (Note- runs along rest of line as well -Flatbush Ave/Brooklyn College -Flatbush Ave/Ave J -Kings Pkwy/Ave L -Quentin Rd -Fillmore Ave -Kings Plaza
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