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  1. I took my first drug test on March 24 then took my second drug test last Wednesday on July 2nd. I would of been in the 6/29 class but my license got downgraded due to my medical certificate. So ended up getting it fix.
  2. Hey guys just got the call back from Ms Chestnut to go for Medical on Thursday at 7:30am. List number 117*
  3. 117*. I would of been in the 6/29 class, but I had to fix my license due to my medical cerficate expired.
  4. Congrats Youn2074, I'll probably be in there with you once I get a call back for medical.
  5. I say 6:15 to 6:30am to get there to be the first person. Personally thru out the three times I have been there. I realize that the security guard gets there at 6am and the lady that sits at the front desk the one that gives you a ticket when you get up stairs gets there at 6:30. Seen this twice already. If you get there at 5am you just be sitting outside until the security guard gets there. I have been the first one twice already.
  6. Oh no. I have to go back. I had to fix my license my dot medical card expired. I just wanted to let people know. How fast there going.
  7. Hey guys just letting everyone know they are filling up for 6/29 class so if you went for a second drug test on Monday or Tuesday they calling very fast for Medical so be prepared.
  8. My list number is 117*. They send me that letter to come in tomorrow for another drug test. You should of got something in the mail.
  9. Just got a letter in the mail also. To report on June 16th, 2014 to do another drug test. I hope we don't have to wait that long for medical again.
  10. What's your list number? And what's your list number? Congrats IronboundNJT. Congrats Res3cue.
  11. Ok I got little scared. I was wondering what was going on. Congrats bro. Do you show your transit pass when you get on the express bus or you pay to get on.
  12. Yeah I know. Im always patient. I just needed to know where they're at bc I'm going vacation in a couple of weeks that's why I need to know what they doing.
  13. What's up romeo1982. I have a question did you go for medical and final processing yet. I'm confused what you mean by you just got hired. My list number is 1179 and I haven't got called for medical. My first drug test expires today. I called the other day and they up 900's for medical. Unless they really skipping people. Congrats, BigBlue55. They getting very close to my number I just wish they would of called me early so I don't have to do a second dt.
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