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  1. My pay stub.. Plus, at the time I was sworn in the woman told me that the start pay is more than the notice said.. I didn't argue with that.
  2. Thanks @dre87 n @dnicetothefullest21 see you there
  3. Thanks. I took the drug test last Tuesday. I'm going in for medical tmrw. What's ms. Chestnuts phone number?
  4. How long after medical do you get sworn in
  5. Get there earlier. I got there at 7:30am and didn't leave till 5pm. You'll be better off getting there at 5am.
  6. Forms to fill out are employment history, criminal history, and license info (including pending and all convictions for traffic violations except parking) Also, there are a couple release forms to sign to allow Mta to do the background check on employment, criminal, and license history. You are asked to bring, original U.S birth certificate or U.S passport, Valid drivers license, Original social security card, pre-employment application, original court disposition(s) (if you have criminal convictions), ball point pen, and high school diploma or GED (if required) (btw I have no idea what if required means).
  7. Received pre-emplyment application form today. Report date 6/24. List #14xx
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