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  1. Wasn’t this money already allocated for the shuttle bus before the shutdown? They started the signal project despite their budget issues.
  2. No weekend service through December, but why exactly is there no shuttle? Early news articles keep referencing this shuttle but it never happened. What is going to happen when the weather gets bad? Who is going to trek to the Q from Avenue N station?
  3. Hi guys, so I take the F train everday to and from work, from West 8th Street station to Borough Hall and honestly, service isnt completely terrible but its frequently pretty bad. Can anyone explain WHY several F trains in a row decide to terminate at Kings Highway on a given basis? At first I thought the point was to avoid congestion or something, but how does that work if you have a row of trains waiting for a train that terminated at Kings Highway to move so it can terminate there as well. Why cant they just run to Coney Island instead of constantly dumping people at Kings Highway? The worst is when a Coney Island bound F train turns into a Kings Highway bound f train at the very last minute. While waiting at Jay Street to go home, I notice sometimes 5 A or C trains for every 1 F train that passes by. The platform gets super crowded and theres sometimes no room to even get in. Why cant they beef up service on the F? It doesnt even have to be express service, it just needs more trains period.
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