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  1. T to Dyre Avenue

    R179 Discussion Thread

    But the majority of those mechanical problems were not related directly to the subway cars themselves, but rather the signals and the switches. And the MTA (unfortunately) couldn’t just divert money towards purchasing additional R179s. There’s a whole lengthy process they would have had to go through towards purchasing additional R179s beyond the original 300 they ordered. They’re only getting the 16 extra cars as a result of a settlement deal with Bombardier over the order being so far behind schedule. And think about this, even if they could simply put more money towards ordering more R179s, what good would that do given how far behind Bombardier is on the order? Those cars would just be that much farther away from getting onto NYCT property and the MTA would have still had to spend that money to keep the R42s going. Were it not for Bombardier screwing up on the R179 order, the R42s would have already been gone by now.
  2. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    It’s certainly possible they wouldn’t know. But you never know. After all, how many area politicians in 2009-10 knew you could run a train service from Metropolitan Avenue directly to 6th Avenue? Excellent maps. It would be great to do away with that sharp curve.
  3. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Interesting that they quoted four locally elected officials speaking favorably about this bus service. I haven’t seen or heard any opposition to it or any pols calling for a train service from Canarsie to Manhattan via Broadway Junction (like the short-lived service Wallyhorse mentioned up thread). Given how much lower ridership on the is between Canarsie and Broadway Junction, perhaps an additional bus service will be able to do the job. I have to agree. While ridership on between Canarsie and Broadway Junction is much lower than in Bushwick and Williamsburg, I’d like to think it’s enough to warrant a more frequent L5 bus running longer throughout the day.
  4. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Well maybe not during the shutdown. The is going to need a big boost in service for all the displaced riders who will flood it at Myrtle-Wyckoff, Central and Knickerbocker. So they won’t be able to provide sufficient service for a rush hour local and express while the tunnels are shut down. For the shutdown, it may be better to just have an all-stop . But maybe after the shutdown, we can consider switching to an local /express pattern starting at Broadway Junction.
  5. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Again with the reverse-branched one seat rides? When will you get it that the NYC Subway is not an “AirTrain on steroids”? The trains being added for the shutdown aren’t even going to Rockaway Parkway! They’re going to Metro, so why would they need to be sent to Rockaway Parkway after the shutdown? Makes no sense. And how in the world is this revived train even supposed to get to the Manhattan Bridge? Via a rebuilt Myrtle Avenue el? 🙄 You don’t get it! Because riders need to transfer to other trains for Lower Manhattan does NOT trump the needs (not “wants”) of local riders in Park Slope/Gowanus. There MAY be a need for some, (not all) trains to go express, because there may not be enough track capacity on just the local tracks to accommodate both the current full service plus the increased service. But not to the extent that we need to send all trains express, spend money to rehab and reopen Lower Bergen or put in yet another one of your useless OOS transfers!
  6. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    It doesn’t matter what you did in the ‘80s! This is not New York City in the 1980s. And even then, I’m pretty sure most people took the route most convenient and direct as possible during a service diversion - of which there were many in the ‘80s. I was around then. I remember all those Manhattan Bridge service diversions, not to mention the and express suspensions. Now, back to Court Square versus Atlantic-Barclays (I bolded that paragraph for your convenience). Did you even bother to read what I said before you quoted it? Where did I say ANYTHING about going to Lower Manhattan? What I said was that no displaced riders from the are going to travel all the way to downtown Brooklyn on the to make an OOS transfer at Atlantic-Barclays, if their destination is WELL NORTH of 14th Street. You grew up in Manhattan. You know what’s NORTH of 14th Street. It sure as shit ain’t Lower Manhattan. Now, there probably are riders who currently transfer at 14th and ride southbound to Lower Manhattan. I’m not discounting them at all. But - and this is very important, so please read it carefully - why would these same riders headed for Lower Manhattan ride the up to Court Square? And here is the answer... THEY WOULDN’T! Lower Manhattan-bound displaced riders will most likely head south on the and transfer to the at Hoyt-Schermerhorn, like many riders already do because that would be a more convenient for place for them to make a transfer. While Court Square will arguably be busier than it currently is, it definitely won’t be for the reasons you keep on posting. And an OOS transfer from the to Atlantic-Barclays won’t do one goddamn bit of good to relieve it. Because the displaced riders headed to Court Square ARE NOT going to Lower Manhattan! Oh yeeeess...because Park Slope riders will happily be willing to give up their local service and say, “We feel your pain” to their fellow Brooklyn brethren up in Williamsburg. 🙄 No they didn’t. Not unless there was absolutely no other option. And as I previously explained why in the first quoted message, Atlantic-Barclays will not take any passengers away from Court Square, so it is not worth doing.
  7. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Interesting. So the A/B service on yesterday’s 15 line ran express after Broadway Junction, while a local train started at Broadway Junction (or joined the 15 there). This is in sharp contrast to today’s , which continue skip-stop service between Broadway Junction and Myrtle-Broadway with no other Jamaica Ave service provided. Personally, I kind of like the idea of bringing back that past service plan - i.e., have the and run skip-stop between Sutphin and Broadway Junction, then express between Broadway Junction and Marcy, with another service originating at Broadway Jct to make the local stops, then be joined by the at Myrtle. But with a 24-tph limit over the Willy B, that severely limits how many trains can run on the three services (I count and as one service, which would mean very infrequent service at the “skip” stations). Post-shutdown, it may just be better to run an all-stop between JC and Broadway Jct, then peak-direction express between Broadway Jct and Marcy, while the starts at Broadway Jct and runs local. Or vice versa as @Caelestor suggested upthread. Run , and on 8 tph apiece.
  8. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Fully agreed here. Running the extra trains plus the displaced trains alongside the will turn 96th St into “Zoo Lots.” Myrtle-Broadway’s flat junction really does mess with being able to run a more ideal service pattern on the Jamaica El. Personally, I like @Union Tpke‘s suggestion to run trains to/from Jamaica Center local to Crescent St, then express on the local between there and Broadway Junction, followed by express on the middle track after Broadway Jct, with locals starting at Crescent. In theory, it’s probably the next best thing to build a bypass track straight down Jamaica Ave in Brooklyn by the cemeteries. In practice, however, it could be difficult to do. You’d have to schedule trains in clusters of two, with a local departing Crescent closely behind the express, so the express wouldn’t get stuck behind a local. It could work in the am rush. Pm rush is a different story because you’d have to factor in the merges with the further down the line. That I’m fine with. The stations in between Broadway Junction and Myrtle are much busier than than those on the other side of Broadway Jct and they will be even busier with the tunnels out of commission. I just don’t think 12-minute rush hour headways are justified on the east of Broadway Jct. You know, for someone who talks a lot about growing up in New York and your experiences riding the subway, you really don’t seem to understand the way people ride the subways here. Do you really think you can “push” displaced riders “as much as possible” to ride the all the way down to Fulton St and use an (overrated) out-of-system transfers to the already-crowded Atlantic-Barclays subways to head back up? Especially those whose destinations lie well north of 14th St? I don’t think so!
  9. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Bringing this over from the R179 Discussion thread... ...I’m thinking they should just suspend the for the duration of the shutdown. Who’s going to want to wait 12 minutes during rush hour if they just miss a train at the “skip” stations? Just give every station on the line the full 10 tph. As for the and , it seems that 96th and 2nd is on its way to becoming the B-Division version of New Lots Avenue during rush hours, with the rerouting of two of the five extra trains and two of the existing trains per hour being sent there. It’ll be giving “Zoo Lots” a run for its money.
  10. T to Dyre Avenue

    R179 Discussion Thread

    There’s already a post from early August with this same info in the 14th St Tunnels Closure thread.
  11. T to Dyre Avenue

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Glad to see they’re coming back...and not a moment too soon!
  12. T to Dyre Avenue

    De Blasio wants streetcar line on Brooklyn-Queens waterfront

    I like the 161st St corridor idea, because then Triboro line would hit every subway line in The Bronx except the (also express service, but those are peak-direction rush hour services primarily aimed at Manhattan-bound riders anyway) and it would be in a relatively straight alignment. By putting it a bit further north, that makes it that much more convenient for riders coming from the northern and eastern Bronx. It may be further west, but wouldn’t that make it more convenient for riders coming from the southern, western and north-central parts of the Bronx who can’t quickly or easily get to the Q44 or Q50 buses? But Jackson Heights-East New York would certainly be an excellent place to start for an initial operating segment with transfers to multiple train lines at both ends.
  13. T to Dyre Avenue

    Marcus molinaro transit platform

    I’m glad they finally fixed the link. The first few days I tried to access it, it kept saying the connection was lost. Connection problems aside, I have to admit I’m surprised to see the Republican candidate (the current Dutchess County Executive), dedicate that much space to fixing the , even bringing up some long-proposed expansion ideas. There certainly are some good suggestions in there. Hopefully they don’t turn into vaporware if he were to become governor.
  14. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I think the would be the easiest to construct thanks to the existing provisions at Whitehall originally intended for a tunnel to Atlantic Avenue (the ones @RR503 suggested for connecting the to the Fulton St IND). If they eliminate the switching from express to local after 34th St, then any issue with frequency would be eliminated. Right now, a service would have better frequency, but it would be harder to construct, even if the connection is made at Rector. The is too far north and it would have to weave around the other lines in the South Ferry area as well as the connecting tracks from Broad St to the Montague Tunnel. The only issue with the would be a yard. But if the is given space for a storage yard in Sunset Park, it can go to Astoria and the can then take the ’s place in Queens.
  15. T to Dyre Avenue

    De Blasio wants streetcar line on Brooklyn-Queens waterfront

    True. I was just brainstorming here; trying to figure out something for the that could cover areas like Red Hook that actually are some distance away from the present route. That junction between the , , , and the Transit Museum tracks is a very complex junction. What really would’ve been helpful is if the came into Hoyt-Schermerhorn on the center tracks instead of the . Were that the case, then two switches could have been built to allow the to switch over to the adjacent Museum tracks, permitting the to stop at Court St. Then turn south from there. But since that’s not the case, the is probably locked into reverse-branching with the at Bergen.


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