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  1. They certainly do. It would be much easier to start with running SE Queens-oriented services out of Atlantic Terminal. It would certainly be better than what LIRR wants to do to the Atlantic Branch post-ESA, which is reduce it to a shuttle train between Atlantic and Jamaica. LIRR has the luxury of multiple terminal stations in the city, unlike Metro North, which only has the four tracks leading into Grand Central Terminal. So I understand being concerned about doing a “City Rail” type of service on Metro North. But LIRR, come on! They’ve got two parallel routes running through SE Queens and neither one is maxed out as far as train capacity is concerned...unlike the Main Line to the north. Really, how difficult would it be to extend the planned Atlantic-Jamaica shuttle to Rosedale and St. Albans (yes, two services alternating out of Atlantic Terminal) and include free transfers to the local buses and subways?
  2. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Actually, I would run said T trains to 179th St-Jamaica because there is no pressing need to run them to 96th Street-2nd Avenue, while there is a pressing need to have as many trains as possible serving Court Square. And yes, you are expecting too much if you think people will ride the all the way down to Fulton and switch to the trains serving Atlantic-Barclays via an OOS transfer. Because we need to be treating the subway like a giant system of Ubers, by doing even more reverse-branching, yes? Let me be clear that I like the idea of running a limited 6th Ave service to/from Canarsie in addition to the - while the 14th Street tubes are shut down. This is partially because the will be running significantly less service, even with both tubes shut at the same time. But once the work is finished, the will be back to its regular headways, or will possibly run even more frequently, and then there won’t be the capacity (or need) for another service at the outer end of the line. No need to run extra service to Broad or Essex. In fact, it would be disruptive to turn trains at Essex with trains running through to both Broad and 6th Avenue.
  3. T to Dyre Avenue

    Cr benched cause doors closed on deblasio?

    Disgruntled employee in this case? Maybe a conductor who got written up himself. Bad blood between him and the conductor? Maybe bench and drug test this platform conductor too. See what his deal is. I don’t hear De Blasio or his staff saying boo about it, so why don’t Transit brass find out why this guy is making such an accusation?
  4. I’d have no problem if the City did this. In fact, I’d welcome it. If it’s faster than taking the QM20 express bus and way more reliable than taking the unreliable Q16 to Flushing for the daily shitshow that is the train, well sign me up then! But not if it’s only once or twice an hour. Running on traditional commuter rail frequencies is going to be a hard sell for most riders within the city. I don’t expect City-only LIRR trains to be as frequent as the is (supposed to be), but only one to three trains per hour in the peak just won’t cut it.
  5. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    But doesn’t the FPY lead track face the wrong way for Wyckoff? If anything, it looks like it leads into Metropolitan. They won’t reduce service to/from Metro. But they may not be able to run the extra trains there. They may have to terminate them elsewhere.
  6. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    I didn't say anything about Court Sq. trains should continue to terminate there (and why not?). I was talking about terminating the extra trains at Queens Plaza. You can't terminate them in the station. They have to exit the station on the northbound express track and relay on a middle track outside the station, then reverse back into Queens Plaza on the southbound express track. That would delay service in both directions and the crew has to change ends on the relay track before reversing direction. That's where they can be at risk of assault. I thought that was only between Broadway Junction and 8th Ave, where they removed most of the old wayside signals.
  7. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Except there’s nowhere to turn the ( T ) trains now. Forget about turning them at 2nd Ave-Houston St, as that will delay service (that was one other bonus for eliminating the in favor of the ). There’s no need for the extra service to Metropolitan Ave while the is still running between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Nor will there be any need for it once the reconstruction of the Canarsie tunnels is done. Hell, I’m not even sure if the flat junction at Myrtle-Broadway is going to be able to comfortably handle the additional and service they’re already planning to run through there during the shutdown.
  8. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    If I were in OP, I’d be just as worried about the flat junction at Myrtle-Broadway, what with 13 tph, plus increased service. And I’d be even more worried about your “reverse-branching-on-steroids” plan that will only require a whole lot of subway cars we don’t have (and won’t even after all the R179s are in service) and will unnecessarily take both crews and commuters well out of their way to get to Midtown Manhattan. However,... Yes, we don’t need to go from a conga line to get in and out of 71st Ave to a really bad conga line at 179th St. 179th St is not Grand Central Terminal and we don’t need to treat it like it is. Maybe send a few ’s there, but even then, I’m concerned about the inevitable merging delays that will occur when a northbound and arrive at 71st at the same time (oh yes, that’s going to happen). Meanwhile, the MTA don’t want to turn the extra trains at Queens Plaza because they don’t want to delay through trains or potentially leave crew members open to assault. That’s completely understandable. Unfortunately, it means the extra trains have to go out of service somewhere else that’s not near Court Square. That’s kind of why I understand Wally’s continuously-mentioned / ( T ) proposal. Sending all the way to 179th is completely ridiculous and unnecessary and will be rejected outright. Turning at the Queens Plaza pocket track is out to minimize delays and protect crews. Turning additional trains at 71st will only make the delays getting there worse. What other option is there really? As for just calling the extra 96th St-bound trains (as opposed to ( T ) or another letter), wouldn’t that be more confusing? Especially for Queens- or East Midtown-bound riders who find themselves at 57th St-6th Ave or Lex/63rd?
  9. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Pocket track? My plan would certainly include a new straight track from Franklin Avenue to Rogers Junction, so that the and don’t merge with the , which would now be serving the Nostrand and Kingston Ave stations full time and would switch over to the local tracks immediately after leaving Franklin. That’s key to eliminating the delays the current merge causes. I thought a pocket track was a middle track used to short-turn trains, like at Whitehall St for the or the middle track between 42nd and 34th used to relay the late night .
  10. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    You’d never be able to run this kind of service pattern while rebuilding Rogers. Too many people would be displaced onto other lines. It would be far worse than the upcoming shutdown. Especially if it’s a “years-long” project. Better to just de-interline Rogers. Send to Flatbush, to New Lots (late nights shuttle between New Lots and Atlantic) and extend to Kings Plaza via Utica.
  11. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    But are we really stuck with it? LGA AirTrain isn’t a done deal just yet. I’d be fine with the (or a beefed-up if they eliminate the switching from local to express at 34th St) going to a little further than Willets Point to Flushing. Would provide some much needed relief for the , that’s for sure.
  12. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Right, you can’t serve both, not if you’re extending the and from Astoria. But my point was why stop outside right the airport at 81st Street and 21st Avenue, like @LGA Link N train proposed? Might as well continue, either into the airport or south of it into East Elmhurst. Although extending the from Ditmars would require bit of a roundabout way of getting to East Elmhurst.
  13. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    It should go all the way into the airport. Why stop it just outside the airport?
  14. T to Dyre Avenue

    De Blasio wants streetcar line on Brooklyn-Queens waterfront

    Agreed. That’s the crosstown service we should be focusing on. Call that the X train! If the X train is built in phases, then it may be best to start in Brooklyn, then making its way up through Queens into Jackson Heights. By then, we might have a clearer picture of where Bronx-Queens traffic is largely concentrated.
  15. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    It’s like even they themselves are admitting their proposal isn’t feasible. If their own graphic shows little available capacity for extra service in the Cranberry St Tunnel - and none at all from 8-9 AM - then what good is that? At least the Williamsburg Bridge has some available capacity for extra rush hour service. How effective it will be remains to be seen.


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