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  1. T to Dyre Avenue

    The MTA can't even properly fix the existing system.

    I think my concern about overcrowded subways in Queens, especially the and lines is a bit more than just getting “all worked up over Amazon.” I only take the on a regular basis to/from work during morning and/or evening rush hours. You’re right that we don’t know exactly where the new Amazon employees will choose to live. It could be in LIC itself, where they’d be able to walk (or bike) to work. It could be the well-known hipster Mecca known as Williamsburg, along with Greenpoint and Bushwick. Perhaps that might mean full-length trains would be here to stay after the tunnel work is finished (certainly a good thing). It could be Maspeth, LIC’s next-door neighborhood to the east or the other areas along the Lower Montauk Branch, in which case, they should really give serious consideration to running some kind of passenger rail service between Jamaica and LIC on that branch. On the other hand, they certainly could choose neighborhoods like Forest Hills, Rego Park, Sunnyside, Woodside or Jackson Heights, all of which are on the already well-used and lines. If MTA management can’t (or refuses to) figure out how to make the most of the extant capacity on those lines, then I’d be very concerned. I mean, if they can actually increase throughput on all or most of those lines now, without even needing to install CBTC, then great! Please do. They probably should have ages ago. It’s not like the subways in Queens just started getting overcrowded. They’ve been that way for decades. But that would require MTA management to break a decades-old tradition of ineptitude/complacency. I think it’s possible. But they have to want to break it. Fair points about how we won’t “suddenly” have 25,000 more people crowding the subway in Queens and that there is spare capacity on our existing subways if MTA management dared to look for it.
  2. Yes, the Vignelli map font is very small, both on the original and the 2008 redesign. The MTA fixed that when they increased it and eliminated the street at each stop that the station runs over, under or nearest to.
  3. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Perhaps by itself won’t necessarily add a lot more capacity. But by also eliminating the switching between express and local and running the to Astoria, then you’d be freeing up a lot of extra capacity to run more trains on QBL, 8th Avenue and Broadway. And you’d be able to provide more SAS service with both the and there. It’s only when you get to SAS Phase 3 and adding in the train, that this could get messed up. But we’re a long way off from the train’s debut and I think there’s still plenty of time to figure out a better way to build and operate it.
  4. T to Dyre Avenue

    If Kawasaki is gone who will we go to?

    Even our R160 order was a consortium between Alstom and Kawasaki. I’m surprised that wasn’t done this time around with the R211s. Would have been possible to have much more assembly of the cars take place in New York.
  5. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    If the and are extended via the Williamsburg Bridge, that sort does make the superfluous. Probably should just run it between Essex and Canal.
  6. T to Dyre Avenue

    The MTA can't even properly fix the existing system.

    And just think...Governor Cuomo thinks the MTA is ready, willing and able to handle an influx of 20,000 to 25,000 more daily riders to Long Island City, courtesy of our favorite e-commerce giant (really, were Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago or Columbus not options?)... https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/05/technology/amazon-second-headquarters-split.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  7. Honestly, I think the redesigned Vignelli map (he actually did a redesign in 2008 that was displayed in Men’s Vogue magazine), was a good compromise. The current trunk color scheme and the change of Broadway to a diagonal, actually make the map look clear and aesthetically pleasing. However they should make the water blue and bring back the parks. Then it would truly work. I personally found the original to be a mess, mostly because the 1967-79 line color scheme didn’t lend itself very easily to that kind of map, mostly because the ‘67 color scheme itself was a mess. There seemed to be no real pattern for how the colors were assigned back then. Almost every line looked like it was reverse branched due to all the different colors everywhere. At least the current (1979) scheme makes some sense out of how the trunk lines branch out.
  8. T to Dyre Avenue

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Yes. How does this topic keep wandering off into speculation about CBTC-related car assignments on the IRT? But I thought they decided to run full length (600-foot) trains on the .
  9. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    That is true, especially when the hordes of tourists crowd in giant groups in multiple spots along the platforms. It’s insane!
  10. T to Dyre Avenue

    Rockaway Beach Branch

    And still we wait for the results (or do we?)... http://m.qchron.com/mobile/editions/queenswide/rockaway-branch-study-still-delayed/article_b03d25d9-bf81-5c16-a0d1-c12e5821638b.html#.W93qQz1DrG8.link
  11. T to Dyre Avenue

    If Kawasaki is gone who will we go to?

    Be great if they do get back on track. I hope they do with the R211 order. I’ve personally always had a positive experience riding on our Kawasaki subway cars, so I believe MTA made the right choice with Kawasaki for the R211.
  12. T to Dyre Avenue

    If Kawasaki is gone who will we go to?

    There’s also Spain’s CAF, which is in Elmira, so that’s another option for trains built in New York.
  13. T to Dyre Avenue

    R Train in Bay Ridge

    Interestingly I was searching for a post of @RR503‘s concerning running the in place of the in Queens for a map he posted, when I discovered this thread. I do realize it’s been almost two weeks since someone last posted here and that it’s in the bus forum. Probably it’s because so many people opt for the express buses over the due to reliability, actual or perceived. That said, I’ve long been in favor of extending either the or down there to provide additional service. That’s a good point about extending the . Makes it seem like it wouldn’t be of much help for Bay Ridge proper. The Sea Beach Line probably needs that much of a boost in service less so than Bay Ridge/4th Ave Local. And it sounds like if either or service is extended, it may need to be more than just during rush hours. I’ve been reading a lot over the past few years about how bad weekend service is, so maybe the second service should run seven days a week then.
  14. T to Dyre Avenue

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Meanwhile, the West Village narcissists continue to keep on keeping on with their extremely frivolous and selfish lawsuit: http://secondavenuesagas.com/2018/10/30/as-lawsuit-awaits-dot-mta-unveil-april-start-date-for-l-train-shutdown/
  15. T to Dyre Avenue

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Agreed on #1. And after waiting more than five minutes today for the crowd flocking down that one narrow staircase from the platform to the platform to clear, I certainly agree some kind of mezzanine and new passageways are needed at Canal. Interestingly, most of that crowd moved off to the right once they got down the stairs, so it was safe to say they were transferring from the or to the Brooklyn-bound or .


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