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  1. Byford: ‘Overcrowding’ Is Not at the Root of Delays

    Yes, they will have to. Yet they continue to kick the can down the road on this issue. Amazing how that one interlocking and that one set of tubes can cause such a ripple effect on the rest of the B Division. Though really, the Broadway Line's problem is the weekday being a hybrid express/local that switches at 34th (well, 59th's all-too-frequent signal problems aren't doing it any favors). But just bring up the mere suggestion of detangling DeKalb Junction or getting rid of the 34th St merge and watch how fast you get blowback from people afraid of losing their one-seat rides (yet they'll be quick to complain when the service shits all over itself). It may not be the solution. I don't profess to know what is the ultimate solution. But Transit really needs to get serious about looking at why the delays (signal, mechanical, FDNY/NYPD have become so frequent) and come up with real solutions to solve them. And fast.
  2. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Why? It’s not that busy on the weekends.
  3. Rockaway Beach Branch

    I’ll agree with most of what you’re saying here. But in response to the bolded part - not exactly. There are some existing subway lines the RX would miss because it intersects those lines just out of reach. In Jackson Heights, the rail line misses the at 74th-Broadway/Roosevelt Ave, as it is located roughly midway between Roosevelt and 65th on the and just out of reach of 69th St on the . Fortunately, this could be mitigated by having the RX deviate from the rail line into a short subway that could allow for an easy connection to the , possibly by utilizing the never-used upper level platforms and connecting tunnels at Roosevelt. On Vanshnookenragen’s website, he shows how that could be done. In Brooklyn, the rail line misses the by intersecting 4th Ave by running in between 65th St and Shore Road (midway between the Bay Ridge Ave and 59th St stops). It also misses the by intersecting McDonald Ave roughly midway between 18th Ave and Avenue I. I’m not saying it’s impossible to build connections to those lines, but it will likely require some deviations off the rail line to make them. The connection to the at Ditmars-Astoria is another story. With the existing rail line on a super-high concrete arch over the subway there, I’m not really sure how structurally sound it would be to add side platforms to a concrete arch, then connect them to a single narrow island platform with elevator shafts and staircases. And in a very built up area. It might not be feasible and we may have to forgo a connection to the . I prefer the Stadler Flirt too, if it’s not feasible to have an FRA-compliant R160- or R211-type train. The Flirt comes in an electro-diesel version as well, which would be great for underground connections to intersecting subway routes. Is there any space left in LIC to do freight handling? Or has ESA’s consumption of Yard A pretty much put an end to that? Maybe a site in north Brooklyn or Nassau County, then?
  4. Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Agreed. We really don't need to do that. Though I still feel like the MTA's current proposal is a bit short on details. How would this possibly help displaced riders? The in Brooklyn is nowhere near the . Basically, these would be trains going to 57th or the Upper East Side, places that aren’t going to be directly affected by the closure of the tunnel. Why even call them trains?
  5. Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    If they did that, then Queens Blvd would only have the for local service and the 53rd St tunnel line, including Court Sq would only have the , which would be downright intolerable with all the displaced riders transferring from the if the isn’t there. And we’d have merging delays at both Prince and 34th again, because presumably the would be local in Manhattan full time and the running in Queens and local up to 34th St. And SAS riders would be stuck with 8-car trains 24/7 for 15-18 months, however more frequent they would be running versus the full length . They won’t be so keen on that one seat ride to Rockefeller Center after all, not with shorter trains. Frankly, I hope it really is nothing more than an unfounded rumor, because all I can really see here is even more anger over an unreliable subway and more bad PR for the MTA - and Cuomo - if this is more than just a rumor.
  6. Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    That would have to be the way to it. But think of how much switching would be required, both for the to pass through at Broadway Jct and for the shuttle to relay (you’re just about halfway to Chauncey St by the time you can reverse). But with (presumably) increased service during the shutdown, all that switching would likely cause delays to both services. Ah yes, “from what I remember.” You see, that’s exactly it. From what you remember. Just because that’s the way it was then, doesn’t always mean that’s still the way it is now. I seem to recall from a previous post either here or on Subchat, you saying you moved to Philadelphia in the 1990s. This city has changed quite a bit in all that time and it seems to me whatever clout the UES had historically has become diluted over the years. Since you repeatedly insist that they have the clout and aren’t afraid to use it, then perhaps you could show some proof of how they do that. Today...as in this day and age. Don’t talk to me about what UES residents and pols did 25-30 years ago and definitely don’t mention what they did 50 or 100 years ago. Because none of that is relevant to this thread. Too bad so sad for them! Let them transfer like the rest of us have to! What makes them so much more entitled to have a one seat ride over anyone else in this city? Especially during this shutdown? If we should be using any connecting tracks to be doing any one seat rides during this shutdown, it should be for riders below Broadway Junction. I know that’s the part of the with the lowest ridership, but they’ve got much more to lose during the shutdown than do the “politically connected” Upper East Side riders, whose and service will not be affected one iota during this shutdown. Now if you were to suggest running a or ( K ) train to/from Canarsie via the line from Broadway Junction to Essex, then via the from Broadway-Lafayette to Lex-63rd, then via the to 96th and 2nd, as a way of relieving the anticipated crowding that will occur at Broadway Junction and Myrtle-Wyckoff, then I can get on board with that. But adding an extra 6th Ave ( T ) local service to serve as a glorified Uber for “politically connected” Upper East Siders? No, sorry, can’t do it. Definitely not after the resumes operation between Brooklyn and Manhattan after the shutdown. And quite frankly, I’m not sure UES riders will either. Why? Because as of now, the current plan calls for the to serve 2nd Ave only during weekends. There are currently no plans to run the to from 2nd Ave on Monday through Friday, and so far, no one has said "boo" about it. They are planning to run extra service during the shutdown, but so far, nothing about it going to the UES on weekdays. Don't you think a bunch of folks who supposedly have a "ton of" politically clout and "are not afraid to use it" would already be making noise about that? Moreover, if their clout was so great, then don't you think they would have pushed for a 6th Ave-to-2nd Ave local train back when the 2nd Ave Subway first opened?
  7. Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    You greatly overestimate such pressure and political clout...if it even exists today.
  8. Outcome of a train coupled with R32 and R160 cars

    Probably due to their lousy air-conditioning during the summer.
  9. Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    He said it would run from the center track on the platform. Essentially, it would be a shuttle train between Broadway/Eastern Pkwy and Canarsie. So it would not affect capacity on Nassau St at all. And where did you hear that Nassau would be at “full capacity” once the shuts down? Unfortunately, the track setup at Broadway-Eastern Pkwy won’t permit this shuttle service, at least not during rush hours. The tracks connecting the Canarsie Line to the Jamaica El connect to the outer tracks only, so terminating an train to/from Canarsie on the center track is not possible. There have been times where they’ve terminated trains on the outer Manhattan-bound track, but during weekend track work, when there is much less service running through there. Trains have to reverse back out of the Broadway Junction and can’t switch back to the Canarsie-bound track until after Atlantic Ave. If I'm not mistaken, those trains ran on 24-minute headways due to the single-tracking from Atlantic to Broadway Jct. You’d never be able to run a service like this on weekdays. If it wasn’t for track capacity constraints on the Williamsburg Bridge and the 6th Ave local tracks and the planned increase in service, I’d suggest continuing the Canarsie-Broadway Jct trains into Midtown Manhattan via the , and lines, terminating at 96th and 2nd.
  10. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    That all changed in 1940, when the 6th Ave subway opened and the BB, D and F trains began to piggyback off the 8th Ave subway’s branches. And it continued with the 11th St cut, the Chrystie St and the 63rd St-QBL connections. At least Angelenos got their politicians to overturn tunneling bans and voted to use local sales taxes to fund Expo, Crenshaw and other projects. I wish New Yorkers could show some courage and will to do things like this, instead of NIMBYing every single rail proposal to death, then whining about why the trains are so crowded and unreliable! Please tell me you gave this some serious thought before you posted it...
  11. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    This is related to the Second Avenue subway because we're discussing how to fit a Queens-SAS service on Queens Blvd alongside the and services without impacting them too terribly. Without QB bypass tracks, or some other parallel route to the Queens Blvd IND, the only place said Queens-SAS service can go is the QB. I agree that fitting the ( V ) on the QB local is possible, but it will be a tight fit. That's why I suggested possibly having the ( V ) terminate on the currently-unused upper level platforms at Roosevelt Ave might be an option worth considering. Because then you'd have a SAS service with a direct transfer to the other QB services plus the , which could mitigate the need for long and expensive underground passageways connecting the and to the . That's probably the cheapest and easiest thing to do, although it may not be the best option because there would be a merge between the express and the ( V ) at the 63rd St Tunnel/QBL junction.
  12. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Agreed. The V wouldn’t be a express, not without a QB bypass line. There is capacity on the local tracks, so it would have to go there, although that merge with the express certainly would be an issue. Turning all those trains at 179 would be pretty crazy. Maybe it would be worth considering doing a bypass in phases and build the bypass phases in tandem with the future SAS phases. Or, would it would be worth it to finish the Roosevelt Avenue upper level platforms, lay tracks on the ramps leading to the upper level from the local tracks and have the V terminate there until the bypass is built?
  13. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    The “problem” in this case is the MTA’s service plans. They are planning for a line that will be forced to run far below capacity in Midtown and Downtown. Unless they provide a second SAS service that turns off onto the 63rd St tunnel into Queens, that’s always going to be a problem. Convincing the MTA to reconsider the “Shallow Chrystie” option at Grand St to facilitate a connection to the Manhattan Bridge won’t do a single thing to fix the problem. Being able to turn trains at 14th is only useful if there is a service problem further down the line. Sending some trains there is not a substitute for running a proper full time Queens-SAS service, because the doesn’t come from Queens, so it would be of no use for Queens commuters who currently transfer to the Lex.
  14. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    This is essential if the SAS is to provide true relief from overcrowded trains and overcrowded transfers from the and lines. Otherwise, we'll be left with a reverse-branched, deep-tunneled line with only a few crappy transfers running far below capacity. At the very least, they need to provide a ( V ) service via the 63rd St tunnel once Phase 3 opens.
  15. If the still ran 18 tph, like it did pre-63rd St Tunnel, then I’d be much more in favor of doing the express because then it could be a 9/9 split (or maybe a 10/8 split in favor of the local). But that would leave fewer Queens Blvd trains to run via the busy 53rd St Tunnel because then there would be only 12 tph. But the MTA has already cited the costs of putting Bergen Lower back in service as too high to be worth doing for this project.


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