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  1. I read they are close to replacing all the defective door motors, so it probably won’t be long till we see them back in service. Though I’ll be surprised if it is this week. Though there’s footage of them running simulated service. Personally I would like Bom to compensate the MTA by adding more trailer cars, so that MTA can do 9-car trains on the ENY lines, and the as well. Though I guess that’s really more of a medium-term thing, as Metropolitan Ave can’t handle anything longer than 480’, so it would have to rebuilt first. And obviously not for the R143 or R160 trains as those were built by Kawasaki, but they really should consider going to Kaw for additional trailer cars too.
  2. In the end, they may change which cars get the R262s first, though it would certainly make sense to put them on the Lex once CBTC work is finished. But if they do actually assign them to the and split the then-older R142/142A cars between the , I would hope that they are still going to retrofit those cars with CBTC technology, so that the can still operate via Lex and the via 7th if either trunk line experiences delays or rehabilitation work. Presumably he said nothing about changing the and sharing Flatbush Avenue as their southern terminal, so the best things to do are either retrofit the R142/R142As or deinterline Rogers Junction. Perhaps the can move to Jerome or Westchester Yards. Prior to the R142As being assigned to the and their R62As cascading over to the , the was based there. If I’m not mistaken, Jerome Yard was also the home base for the in the early 2000s.
  3. I seem to recall you posting about doing a Jewel/73rd Avenue subway line in the Proposals thread. Transit Desert #5 in their proposal is centered around Jewel/73rd, which is quite a ways off from any rail line, so I think that’s the best place to branch a line off the QBL.
  4. The has CBTC and there are still plenty of instances where trains crawl while running very close together. If the is any indication, CBTC is not going to completely make that go away on QBL.
  5. Yes, the wait times/frequencies are my biggest gripe with the proposed routes. Axing nearly all Sunday express bus service, too. I mean, that’s just like saying, “Please drive your car into the city! Don’t have a car? Buy one!” Either we’ll see more people taking to the roads in their own cars and SUV’s or taking Ubers. Or we’ll see more people try to avoid going into the City entirely. The buses - and the trains too - need to run more frequently, not less, if they’re ever going to be competitive with driving/Uber. Yes, it costs money, money the State doesn’t want to spend. But, you get what you pay for. If you want to be cheap, then cheap is what you’ll get. The QM20 and, to a lesser extent, the QM2 serve the Clearview Gardens co-ops. Weekdays mornings, the inbound buses are rarely empty and afternoon/evening outbound buses also are well patronized, especially along Willets Point Blvd. I can’t see how they’d be able to get away with cutting service there entirely. Or with cutting express service down to almost nothing on Utopia Pkwy. At least the QM3 bus on Northern Blvd, which runs only three buses in the morning and only three outbound, has a parallel fast (but very expensive) alternative in the form of the LIRR Port Washington Line. But the QMT103, won’t have any such alternative.
  6. At least they’re going back to the drawing board, which they should. When I first viewed the plan, I liked that the Utopia Pkwy express bus would serve Lower Manhattan, because that’s where I work (New York County Supreme Civil Court at Foley Square). I also liked that the replacement for the Utopia Q16 had a direct connection to the LIRR at the Broadway station (as opposed to getting off at Auburndale then walking a mile and a half north on Utopia. Now the bad news: The frequencies are downright atrocious. The plan called for running only three inbound buses in the morning and only three outbounds in the evening. That’s all. It would have cut the QM20 service down to almost nothing. And Willets Point Blvd would have lost express service entirely. The replacement for the QM2 would have run less frequently on weekdays and Sunday service would be cut entirely (Ironically I’m posting this from a QM2 that got to Utopia and Cross Island Pkwy 10 minutes late, so...). And the replacement for the Utopia Q16 would run only during rush hours, though there would be the full Utopia Pkwy bus from Beechurst to Hillside Ave to fall on as a backup during off hours. The problem - it’s not frequent enough. And that’s the problem with a lot of the proposed new routes. They definitely need to fix that.
  7. Even earlier than that. The R12 and R14 cars, built in 1948-49, were narrow-body versions of the R10s, also built at the same time and which were the mainstay of the line for decades. But I definitely like the looks of these cars, though I do like the design better on the R211s.
  8. And here I was just about to go to the NYC Bus Forums to air my grievances over the reduced frequencies for the bus routes in the Queens Bus Network Redesign, when I see this. Well, it does look very nice. I especially like the front side and end doors, which are a nice throwback to the R32s which had blue doors from when they were new until they were GOH’ed in 1989-90. In the 80s, many of the R38, 40 and 42 cars also got blue end and side doors.
  9. True about the new line providing more capacity on the East Side. But it can also do that one avenue block away from the existing line. But connecting the lower 7th Avenue line to Cranberry would risk creating a similar reverse branching with the existing 8th Ave services that already run there. Yes, Brighton already has express service. But it’s not really that many stops between Prospect Park and Manhattan. And it is a valuable service, especially to southern Brighton riders, even if it narrows down to two tracks at Prospect. But Brighton’s express is more of Manhattan-oriented one. A Coney Island-oriented express would be better suited to the West End line, like you said. I think so because it has the spare capacity and has a more direct path from Coney Island to Manhattan.
  10. I saw it earlier today. It’s great that they identified those nine transit deserts, but not so great that at least four of them don’t have any passenger rail service running through them. One in The Bronx does have Amtrak and Emperor Cuomo has proposed running Metro-North to Penn Station on those tracks. The three in Brooklyn do have the Bay Ridge Branch running through, so the long-proposed Triboro Rx service might help there. But most of transit desert #5 in the middle of Queens is a long way off from both the Port Washington LIRR and the LIRR main line, so that should give a pretty good clue as to which corridor in Queens should get subway expansion first.
  11. Yes, I’m noticing it now. They were redone by Awkwafina...well, except for “stand clear” and the transfers/connections (between GC and Vernon-Jackson, they played an announcement where she identified herself, that’s how I know it’s Awkwafina). She recorded a few PSA announcements too, like no man-spreading, using headphones and that seats are for people, not bags. And plenty of wisecracking, of course. I wondered why the announcements sounded so cheery when I boarded at Grand Central. Oh and she also says all the connections/transfers at 61st St, and even wishes you luck in catching your flight if you’re going to LaGuardia.
  12. Yes, they should just build a crew quarters for the at 205th and just do crew changes there. I realize the plan was to extend the Line well beyond 205, but they didn’t and there aren’t any plans to run the as a Bronx crosstown line from Norwood to Co-op City, so just build the quarters and do the crew changes there. But the bean counters will argue that it’s cheaper to just use the perfectly fine existing quarters at Bedford Park. That’s the problem. Just like they’ll argue it’s cheaper to run the current merged service with the current Queens terminal in Forest Hills. And yes, the current is long. But it suffers from delays around the clock. Adding a Nassau <R> during rush hours only won’t help during the rest of the day or weekends. And the regular trains will still suffer Queens Blvd delays, just like they did last night due to that switch malfunction at Roosevelt Avenue and the signal malfunction at Lexington Ave earlier this evening. As for the , you’d never be able to get away with running all ’s express between Church and Bergen. Look at all we went through just to get the two morning and evening ’s we have now.
  13. I feel that the Culver and both Brighton options aren’t feasible because the disadvantages are big enough to outweigh the advantages. In the case of the Brighton options, where would you even be able to turn Brighton Local service, if the express continues past Brighton Beach? Would you risk having local and express merge back in with each other after Ocean Parkway? At least the and options do have spare capacity and West End has intermediate express stops to pick up riders mid-route, though both have plenty of merging to deal with, which will put a limit on how much express service can be run. Sea Beach had temporary platforms put up over the abandoned southbound express tracks at 8th Avenue and Bay Parkway during its big rehab a couple years ago, so 8th could potentially be an intermediate stop, assuming that platform is still there and can be made into a permanent platform. It doesn’t hurt that there’s an online contingent of people who aren’t subway buffs calling for a express on the West End. I seem to recall seeing a petition for it on change.org and folks posting to the Bay Ridge & Southern Brooklyn Subway/Bus group on Facebook calling for it. But it would have the same four merges the currently has. So you’d either have to split the current , run a couple ’s during rush, like the or deinterline DeKalb to free up additional capacity for a West End express. Likewise for an , you’d wouldn’t get much additional service without untangling either DeKalb or 34th (or both).
  14. Yes, you can hear the doors on those cars open and close pretty forcefully. Hope that does the trick.
  15. The B Division got its turn this evening, when a switch malfunctioned at Roosevelt Avenue.
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