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  1. It does. The Nassau St Line was a product of its time when it was built over 100 years ago, back when Lower Manhattan was the City’s largest job center, a status it would lose a few decades later. At least with the Chrystie St connection, riders from the Jamaica and Myrtle els can get to Midtown without piling onto the in Brooklyn or the in Manhattan. But you’re left with the Manhattan portion of the line south of Essex. Making that a shuttle seems like it would be taking a step towards abandoning it. Maybe the downtown shuttle train you described can instead be a train between Jamaica Center and Broad that runs peak express between Broadway Junction and Marcy, while either the or starts/ends at Broadway Jct, and the other 6th Ave service starts/ends at Metropolitan. I think you're right on splitting the Nassau Line long (medium?)-term. And 2nd Ave should definitely have a four-track alignment in Phases 3 and 4, or be designed to easily be upgraded from two to four tracks, so two of those tracks can go to Broad.
  2. I think Mario Peloquin is from Quebec. They call it ed in Canada. I think the US is alone in the English-speaking world in calling it ee. Though I never got to hear whether or not Andy Byford called it the ed train while he was here.
  3. Definitely they should be, but we’ll need an MTA where decisions aren’t made by the bean counters for the bean counters. And running the and local to/from 71st, while running the and the / express to 179 or Parsons/Archer is another way to deinterline Queens Blvd without having to spend big bucks to lengthen the Myrtle and Jamaica el platforms and Essex St. Returning the M to Nassau/4th Ave would make it possible to make the most of the Rutgers tunnel’s capacity. But it would also make the M an almost-useless service once again, unless maybe it goes to Bay Ridge instead of Bay Parkway. Previously, I suggested a partial deinterlining of Queens Blvd by having the and run express and the and a revived run local to/from 71st. The would run via 53rd alongside the , while the and would run via 63rd (except during late nights when the would run via 63rd as now). The would be rerouted to Ditmars (eventually LGA and beyond), replacing the and . This plan would allow us to keep the current 6th Avenue service, while making better use of Rutgers with both and trains. The can also get a modest boost in train frequency. However, the problems I found with this idea was that the , and services would be limited at best to 10 tph apiece if evenly split, and all three services would make for a tight squeeze on the 6th Avenue Local tracks. And Rutgers, while getting more service than it has now, would still be under capacity because it would be limited to 20 tph between the and .
  4. If the is to run via QB express, then platforms on the “original” segment of the (Metro to Essex) will need to be lengthened to accommodate 10-car trains. Running the to Jamaica Center via QB express in place of the will be a hard sell to riders unless the can run 10-car trains. That’s partly why for QB deinterlining, I prefer to run the and local and the and a new 8th Avenue service - called or - express.
  5. But it wouldn’t be better if you ran the via the , just like the part where it’s running on the same tracks as the isn’t better. Introducing a new service running on the same tracks as an existing service which currently has those tracks all to itself forces the existing service to run on a reduced frequency in order to make room for the new service. We don’t want to reduce service for the purpose of introducing a new service on the same tracks that may not even be as popular as the existing service. Great maps. But for the second map, I was a bit surprised to see you have the via Brighton and the via 4th Avenue Express, as well as the running local on CPW and the express.
  6. I saw it from the Jackie while heading to my daughters’ friend’s birthday party in Middle Village this past November. But I recall seeing another sign somewhere in the mezzanine back in 2001 when I went for an interview at an employment agency in Kew Gardens.
  7. Interesting. I’ve long felt that many of the system’s problems were coming from the southern end, as well as Queens Blvd. Though perhaps if the north-of-Midtown B-Division lines are neatly sorted out, it would help with problems on the southern of each route. And I do like the idea of extending the LIRR south of Grand Central to Atlantic.
  8. It certainly would have advantages for QBL, but with only one express station between Continental and Queens Plaza, won’t there be more backtracking to Roosevelt? That station has narrow platforms and already a sizable amount of riders transferring from the local to the express plus riders coming off the . Can that station really afford any more transfers? Even if Woodhaven is converted into an express station like it was designed to, wouldn’t there still be backtracking from the local stops west of Roosevelt?
  9. The City Council Speaker makes transportation policy in this City now? That’s news to me. Wouldn’t de Blasio and his DOT commissioner, Polly Trottenberg, be to blame for that since it’s DOT that makes the City’s transportation policy? Even then, I wouldn’t say they’re entirely to blame for why we’re expanding the subway slower than a snail’s pace. What about absurdly high construction costs?
  10. Let me just say that I’m not a fan of bringing back the or . The current and services are popular and convenient and there is really no good reason to return the M to Nassau St/4th Avenue or the Q to 6th Avenue. Not unless there’s some kind of long-term work on the Manny B or the Willy B that would prevent the M from going to 6th Avenue or the Q to Broadway. And what’s going to serve the Brighton local stops if the Q is on 6th Avenue? Is the current not being discontinued? Wouldn’t it be confusing to have both and services? The service you’re proposing will be of very limited use. It’s basically the train (so why not call it the ?), but extended to 179th. And why send the to Jamaica Center?
  11. Probably a lot, because turning 15 tph worth of trains on the single middle track at Kings Highway would be a lot. interlining would be possible, but only if they all terminated at the same terminal at one end (like at Coney Island). But I don’t think the platform at Coney Island would be able to turn all that service. They already can’t turn all trains there during rush due to how far away the crossover switches are from the station.
  12. And it’s still on the today. I’m riding in car 5735 as I type this. Guess the R46 era on Queens Blvd is not quite over yet. But we’re getting there, if ever so slowly. Meanwhile, on the southbound side at Prince, I saw a Siemens R160 lurch into the station, then come to a full stop. Guess the crews are still getting used to the braking/acceleration on the Siemens cars.
  13. They wouldn’t be able to send both the and there. One of them, but not both. They already can’t operate all rush hour service out of JC, so never mind sending all locals there. If the and were still the QB locals, they would probably have the same issue. Including bailing for the at Union Turnpike, especially since the full time local would have been the , which then as now, doesn’t go to Manhattan. Too bad they can’t seem to figure out to fit another crossover switch in a location closer to the platform, so they would then be able to run more service.
  14. Yep, just boarded car 9005 at 34th on the now. But 9003-07 were hooked up to 9078-82 today.
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