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  1. Great graphics, diagrams, and overall presentation. However, I do not think your proposal will solve the issue with the Queens Blvd line. Your proposal suggests sending the A to Jamaica and having the C run local to Inwood. The A is vital to the Harlem, Washington Hts, and Inwood community as it is the only express service into the lower parts of Manhattan. In addition, sending the E train to Broadway Junction would essentially require more trains, which I am not sure the MTA can accommodate right now. Moreover, the configuration of the and trains in Queens and the and trains in Brooklyn may be very confusing to straphangers.
  2. we have to really consider the effects of the terminal on the human psyche. the new R410 is truly going to enhance the structure of modern day travel. Churchill can be felt for miles down the mississippi and Far rockaway is devine.
  3. Correct me I'm wrong, but I don't think the has priority over the because the two do not share the same track. Maybe the has priority over the but I have made the observation that the train pulls into a station more often than the making me believe that maybe the may have priority over the . Or maybe the simple answer is scheduling. Perhaps more trains are scheduled in-between the trains. Hope this helps.
  4. Caught a glimpse of an R62A 6 train from the 1 Line leaving Zerega Av Station at 7:55AM. Couldn't catch the car numbers as I was leaving my house and saw the train from the ground. I was certain however that the train set was from the 1 Line as it had no green/red express/local indicators and had the red stickers underneath the car numbers. So if anyone can answer this question, is this an additional set of R62A that are staying at Westchester permanently?
  5. 3rd Avenue-138th Street would be a gap station considering the definition... In addition to Hunts Point Av.
  6. This was the main point I was trying to get across. Im sure that the outcry will happen eventually! I just wonder how the MTA will address it?
  7. Thanks. But I never said in my original post that I did not like the R62A. But thank you anyway for your advice!
  8. Interesting... Maybe it won't have a big impact. I hope there won't be a lot of confusion as to the Pelham Exp & Lcl trains. Do the Circle/Diamond LCD displays work well on the line?
  9. When I first heard about the Car Swap that has already begun between the Westchester and Corona Yards I must say I was a bit upset. As a daily rider of the R142A's on the it will be a bit weird going back to the R62A's. I wonder if other riders feel the same way? In all honesty, I am very surprised that Upper East Side riders haven't been up in arms about the change that will eventually be more noticeable. For those that have had the chance to ride an R62A on the have you heard any Manhattan riders voice their thoughts about the change?
  10. Thank you AndrewJC for this. It seems like renovations won't end until 2015; that is assuming that the construction will start soon. Im glad this is happening soon as it will be more appealing for the Pelham Bay, Throggs Neck, Westchester Sq, and Castle Hill residents.
  11. Hello everyone, I just subscribed to this forum, but I've been a guest of this site for years now. I live in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, which is served by the Pelham line. I know that the stations north of Hunts Point Avenue and south of Parkchester have all been redone, but none of the stations north of Parkchester with the exception of Westchester Sq seem to have undergone any work. Im wondering if Castle Hill Av, Zerega Av, Middletown Rd, Buhre Av, and Pelham Bay are going to undergo rehab anytime soon? Quite honestly, these stations are in bad shape!
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