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  1. I called mta today and there at list number 104. My number lower than that and I havent got contacted yet. Did anyone else have this problem?
  2. Your not the only one feel that way. They really taking there time seems like.
  3. My number 29.. Still waiting on a phone call for a drug test. Seem like they slowed down.
  4. I called mta yesterday the lady said they at list number 2684.
  5. My list number is 29**. Hopefully I get called back soon cause they had my hopes up just to send me back home.
  6. I went 180 Livingston thought I was doing a drug test today cause ive gotten the letter to take it. Come to find out the lady told me there not at my number so they gonna call me back to take it. Did this happen to anyone else?
  7. Yeah dcas line is slow, I called and they saying there last list number called is 18**something.
  8. Does anyone know what list number they at?
  9. Yeah I took exam 3101 boss and 4600. I hope thats the case. Thanks alot.
  10. I also never received my letter to take the boss, now I have to take off work to go get a copy. Mta should have it where you can just print it out.
  11. Yeah I know I got my list number in the mail couple weeks ago, I wanted to know if they would be calling people back soon.
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