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  1. Not sure if anyone knows but I found out today at day 4 of training that you will need a large carry bag without straps or wheels and no backpacks! This is to carry all equipment including books at all times with you. I haven't gotten mine yet and may be looking at an extra large size. I will know better tomorrow after we receive our equipment.
  2. @Breaker013: I just went through a similar situation but not exactly and I'm starting September 29th. My advice to you is get that letter from your doctor stating that you're in his care and you're ok to work as a Train Operator. More importantly if you have any recent documentation on your visits from your doctor showing tests taken with results that will go a longer way. Make sure they are recent visits! Better to be prepared in advance because otherwise they can put you on medical hold. Give them as much documentation as possible don't leave anything out. Good luck!
  3. @WestEndMan. Thanks for the info and advice. I'm glad to have people like yourself to help along the way! Not all people are willing to offer their time and energy to help others. Good to know from this forum that there are still good people left in this crazy world!
  4. Does anyone know how much we pay for Medical, Dental, Vision and are they just for us?
  5. Hey guys! For those with smartphones, just found this website to help with street parking. Not sure if there is an app for this. When you get to the site x out the blue info screen. Zoom into the location that you want. Select parking signs on the right and hit the i button on top. This will allow you to then hit any parking sign on the map and it will give you info on when you can park in that location. Example: alternate side of the street parking. This could help when going to training in Brooklyn on West 13th and Ave U. Play around with it maybe there is more info than I found. Check it out! http://www.nycdot.info/
  6. @WestEndMan. Thanks for the info! Just trying to figure out my future finances. Need to get a jump on that since my current retirement funds are not sufficient. Too bad about the parking but I'm very good at finding street spots. I drove from Staten Island to Livingston St and always found a spot on the street. I did grow up in Brooklyn so maybe that has something to do with it, or just luck! Yes, EARLY is the word!!!
  7. @WestEndMan. Do you know the answer to my post from 10:23am this morning? Also, are you training on West 13th and Ave U Brooklyn, P.S. 248? If so, is there a free parking lot?
  8. @KenHeines. Congratulations! I'll see you on Sept. 29th!
  9. @MTAhopefullMatt. First off I would say any good info you get here or anywhere, copy and paste it to save it to Microsoft Word or any software where it could be saved or write it down so you can go back to it in the future, that's what I did. I can tell you that my list # is 287x and I've gone through the entire hiring process. I will be in the Sept. 29th class. I was doing the calculations from 12/21/2013 when the list # posted from DCAS was 1614. You can call DCAS at 212-669-1357 and go through the prompts to find out where they are at. I always called after 5:00pm so I got a recording. I would call either every Sunday or Monday and you'll see that the list # is moving at a pace of about 150 per month. When you call over time you'll see that they may update the list after 1 month but mostly closer to 2 months. At the 2 month mark you'll probably see a difference of about 300 list #'s. Divide that in 2 to show a monthly movement and it comes to about 150 a month. This is the easiest way to give you an idea of when you may be called for your first drug test. The list number posted last I saw was 2730 as of 8/24/2014 but was first posted 7/27/2014. By the way, this number reflects the last eligible appointed not the first Drug Test so the # you see has already passed the first drug test group which could be a month before. You'll also see that the posted date will always be a Sunday date. If I had to guess, the next posted list number should be about 3030 which is based on a 2 month span from the 2730. To prove it to you just do the math. If you estimate about 6-7 months from the date 7/27/2014 which was the first week posting 2730 and based on about 150 per month you get 3630-3780. This is around your list # but remember, this is the last appointed so you should be called around January or February maybe sooner depending on the list moving at the same rate. I hope this wasn't too confusing but helpful. I know that I've appreciated all the members that have given their time to post info that has been very helpful to me so I want to do the same! Good luck!
  10. Does anyone know if the hours for Train Operator are based on a 35 hour week or 40? Also, are the training hours the same and at the same pay scale which should be $31.25 an hour? My wife asked me so I figured one of you guys would know. Thanks.
  11. @WestEndMan. Thank you and I will! This is too good of an opportunity not to do the right thing! Looking forward to starting this new beginning!
  12. @KenHeines. Yes they tell you that day as long as all goes well with your medical. Hope to see you at 130 Livingston St for orientation on Sept. 29th. Orientation is 130 not 180 Livingston St.
  13. Well, I finally made it! Starting school car Sept.29th and can't wait to get started! It was a long day today but well worth the wait! Very excited! Hope to see some of you guys who are in this class!
  14. Thanks WestEndMan! I'm very excited about this as I know you were! Can't believe it's actually here! We truely are patient people! I'm so ready for this!
  15. Got the call today for my medical tomorrow 287x. Wow, can't believe it's this close! Hopefully I'll get a start date of Sept. 29th which is the next school car training date. Any advice on what to expect?
  16. Thanks WestEndMan! Yeah, that would be my guess too. Hopefully I get called for my medical soon! I can't wait to get started!
  17. Today I went down to the MTA at 180 Livingston St for a second drug test. Not sure if getting there early guarantees getting out early but I would still suggest getting there at least 45 mins early. Since people are there for many different positions the ticket # you get does not always go in order. I believe that some people have priority over others based on what they are there for. A second drug test is given if the MTA believes that your list # won't be called within 90 days of your medical date after taking the first drug test. They want you to be in compliance by the time you start class. Classes usually start shortly after your medical, assuming they accept you. My list range is 287x and it was stated to me that I may be called for the September class if all goes well. There is a class for August 25th and the classes are set up based on need. Even though it appears each month there is a class, it is not guaranteed. Any contact's to you after receiving the first letter for your drug test will be phone calls. If you don't respond asap or you need to change the date of a drug or medical test you will temporarily be passed up as the list needs to move. If you want this job make it a priority to go on the date given. If you want to know what list # they are up to you can call DCAS at 212-669-1357. After hours a recording will give you the current info. The current list number posted is 2730 as of today.
  18. @WestEndMan. Not sure why I got called for a second DT when I took the first one 60 days prior to the date they are calling me in for the second. This was a phone call and not a letter. Anyway, I hope that whatever the reason, they call me for my medical so that I can go through the process as soon as possible. I'll call them on Mon. to ask questions. Thanks to all for your help!
  19. Thanks Fcoral05! So did they call you for a second drug test?
  20. @WestEndMan. Thanks. I guess maybe my cholesterol medication came up and they want to know why I take it and check again. I hope this doesn't delay the process. Just a little concerned.
  21. I have a very important question to ask. I just got a call today from MTA on Livingston St. for Train Operator and they left me a message to come in Friday August 15 at 7:30am to take a second drug test. What does this mean? I do take a cholesterol lowering medication but they did not ask if I take any meds the first time. It was June 16th when I went the first time. Does the test expire? It will be 60 days on August 15th. Do I take my 21 page booklet? They did not say to in the message. @WestEndMan. Did they tell you it was a second drug test? Did they tell you to bring the 21 page booklet?
  22. Thanks for the info WestEndMan! Hope to see you soon! Looking forward to this change in my life!
  23. Congrats WestEndMan!!! I'm not too far behind with a 287x list number. I've been watching this forum for a while now and got a lot of good info so far. I'm sure you would say the same. Is there anything I should expect for when they call me for medical? Since this is fresh in your memory, just wondering what to expect as of today.
  24. R160RR, thanks for the advice! Very helpful and appreciated! Thanks Brownhornet78! Thank you RTOMan!
  25. Thanks trainman! My list range is high 28xx. Thanks AAnxious! Do they ask about surgeries or any other diseases?
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