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  1. Thanks.. and yeh i got measured the same day right before my panel interview. I guess i'll just take your advice and be patient.
  2. So i took the Signal and definitions test and passed with a high score for the assistant conductor position. I took the panel interview the same day (nov.20). I remember them saying they will be selecting about 7 people for the january class and the rest for february also there might be a may class as well. I figured my odds were good for the january class because only about 13 people passed. A month later I have not received a letter in the mail saying I was no longer eligible and I E-mailed HR and they told me I needed to verify 1 job for my background check (dec. 16). I guess I passed the panel if they are doing a background check. Fast forward to now and still no word yet. Does anyone know how long the process might be to get a call back or some type of communication if you got selected for the position and should I E-mail them back for an update? kind of in the dark here and anxious but I don't want to jeopardize anything.
  3. Thanks.. any last tips for the panel interview? and i thought they already did my background and credit report..
  4. thanks again.. one last question they did mention 80 is passing and the top 8 scores will be chosen for the next training class.. what happens to those that pass but are not in the top 8 .. do you know?
  5. does anyone know the format of the test.. they just said it will be 50 questions.. how many defs? signals? etc..
  6. cool.. thanks for the info. Hopefully it's just an overview
  7. really..i thought it was another test.. i basically studied the whole booklet i received.. i know the definitions will be verbatim but are the signals verbatim as well?
  8. i have been.. do you know the format they will give?
  9. sorry i neglected this forum.. but yeh, i got an email in september.. i have to go october 23rd to the signals and definitions overview? should be there for about 5 to 6 hours.. and they attached a similar booklet in the email to the manual i got before.. can anyone shed some light on this?
  10. did anyone take the conductor's exam may 30th?
  11. so i got called up for this test ..passed all 3 parts (cognitive, math, vocabulary) and got the preliminary interview the same day.. the lady told that a summer class was canceled and the next one is in january.. she gave me the reference manual with all the definitions and said if i pass the background and credit check i will get an email regarding any information for the class.. does anyone know how long that will take?
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