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  1. Hello, I took the practical 3 weeks ago. Today I received a letter in the mail saying I was being considered for possible appointment as a temporary Car Inspector.B 01 E. Temporary makes me feel uneasy. Looking for opinions. I want a permanent position so should I wait for the list to come out? Will declining a temp spot have any effect on my list number? Do most people who accept a temp position get hired permanent? I was told the list for the list should come out rather fast due to high demand for this position? Thanks
  2. Thank You. Yes i did put some effort into this. Obviously I wouldn't apply for a job that I wasn't qualified for. No need to google an old job listing when all the requirements are on the current posting. If I had found the answer to my question with google I wouldn't be here asking it right? I did find info in regards to other positions such as Car Inspector but nothing really for Signal Maintainer. From what I have read about Car Inspectors it's mostly on the job training. No pass/fail. You're hired, don't screw up, you're in. I was wondering if Signals was the same. I wouldn't want to take job if there was a chance I could lose it because I scored a 79 instead of an 80 That's all. Thanks again
  3. Hi, I just saw a posting on monster.com for temp signal maintainers in Brooklyn. It says that temporary status will change to permanent after passing the civil service exam and being appointed from the resulting list and successful completion of a 18 month training course. My question is about the 18 month training. Is that a course where you have to maintain a certain grade average or you're out like I heard about the motorman position? How hard is the training? Thanks for any info on what to expect if I apply for this job.
  4. Just browsed through all the posts and didn't really see an answer as to what's on the practical. Can anyone who has taken it please tell me what to expect. Thanks
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