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  1. This is upsetting news so even though I went last Tuesday n did my drug test I still have to wait 30-90 days to be called again for the medical portion...well I waited this long..I can wait some more...this will give me time to do my CDL test again and hopefully I can get a oppointment for the road test so I can get that out the way...and by the time they call me back I'll be ahead of the game
  2. thanks a lot young, i hope they call/email me back fast ive been waiting over 3 yrs for this....im so ready
  3. I have my old book andI don't mind retaking the test hopefully I get an email or call back sometime this week for the medical portion. Does anyone know If I can retake it before the expiration date or do I have to wait till after the expiration date to retake? Also does anyone know the estimated time line training would be? 7-3 or 9-5?
  4. I was there last Tuesday for my drug test. Hopefully I can ge in there for the aug 7 class latest is the aug 14 class my CDL permit ends aug 30th and this is the second time I renewed so I might have to do retake the CDL test again...oh adverage how long does it take to call/email you back?
  5. hi all, checked my mailbox today and got my letter to report to 180 2morrow at 730am...talk about time to get things together. I currently work at the Post office so i havent been there enough to take time off for line traning but hopefully i can find a way to make it work. anyhow. my list # is 47xx.
  6. That's good news.....this is really a waiting game but its all worth it in the end..I just got my cdl so I'm ready to do as soon as they call me
  7. A real off topic question but just an estimate when do you think they will get up to the #4000's on the list? I am sitting in my AAR vechile and saw a training bus pass by me and saying any day now.. Lol...congrats to everyone processed and traning!!
  8. this is not great news they are basically pulling people from different test to come out for bus operator who didn't even take the bus operator test most likely..I hope its an error ..because now its gonna be a delay from continuing on from calling people from the 4600 test..that is just not right
  9. I wonder how longer will it be for them to get to #4000? I'm in that range. I'm doing my cdl lessons but I'm about to start a new job and I just hope when its time for me to start the processing stage that I will get the time off to do the training n all..congrats to all that have passed and good luck to all those that are in training now and thanks for the information it is very much useful
  10. I'm So ready..You just don't know...lol Thank you so much for the tips I will keep you guys informed in case anything new happens
  11. well if my number is not called within the 6 month period I willing to go ahead n do the training and road test on my own...it doesn't really matter to me i just want to start the process..its funny because the only reason i decided to do AAR is because someone told me it would give me a leg up to getting hired to MTA...i should have known it was to good to be true..lol
  12. CBT in the Bronx..across the bridge from GVC.....I should have made the switch to GVC becsuse their starting rate is 50 cents more than us and they have 24hr shifts but at CBT I got the days off I wanted and when i need a day off they will work with you, so I stayed. Can you only renew once then you have to either take the road test or take the written all over again?
  13. Thanks for the info Bussdriverwannabe but I am sort of a step up in that process..i work for Access-a-Ride so I already have my C licence with pass endorsement, I need to do my air brakes for sure and I will do the school bus just in case. I have quite a lot of experience driving large vehicles beside the Access-a-ride bus, so as far as the road test I should be okay but I am not a great test taker. When I first did my general and pass I failed twice..then I got it together on the third try. On one of my days off I am going to go for it. I do have a question for you in how much period of time does your B-permit expire, 6- months or a year? Because I heard it use to be a Year but they cut it down to 6 months.
  14. thats amazing...thanks so much...so im gonna go get my permit sometime next week...this is great news because I need this job...im numer 47x so hopefully they will get to me sooner than I expected........
  15. as of today 12:02 i called to see what number there up to and its now now #235 just an update for everybody out there keep your head up
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