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  1. Thanks Steve, much appreciated. I have to check the paperwork they gave me again but I'm pretty sure it's not Dundas and Spezzano.
  2. For the training, do we have to report to P.S 248 for the entire 6 weeks?
  3. Yes there is a 9/19 class - I'm in it. Not sure if it's full - I got in a few weeks back so it's possible. Did they contact you to come in for the medical yet?
  4. Hey Moose - all went well, it's an all day process - a lot of sitting around and waiting. I made it into the 9/19 class
  5. Received the email from Ruby Robinson on 7/12 telling me to come in for final processing on 7/14 (tomorrow). I'm in the 690's to give you guys an idea where things are at. I'll have more details tomorrow if I made it into the Aug 8th class or if there is one after that.
  6. I'm in the high 600's and I haven't heard anything yet
  7. Thanks for all the great info guys, much appreciated. I was there today for the drug test - not to bad. I was out by 10 - now just have to wait for the call back.
  8. I hope I can flash it on the Metro North and ride for free - I'm paying close to $300 a month to ride it now but my current job pays well. It would suck to take a pay hit joining the MTA and still have to pay that monthly to ride the Metro North.
  9. Thanks mmarcial - my ss card is the only thing I can't find. Thought I would have time to go down and get another in between my trips to Livingston St.
  10. Got my letter 2 days ago list # 69* to go down Oct 6th - mmarcial, did you need your ss card for the 1st visit for the piss test or just the 2nd?
  11. The 10pm-6am shift would allow me to keep my current job which I really do not want to leave, but it doesn't have the benefits the MTA offers. Would the MTA have an issue with me keeping my current job as well as working for them?
  12. Called the MTA HR # (347) 643-8500 - was informed that #157 was reached for this class in Feb. It's been mentioned here that they could possibly be in the 200's by now for the screening so I tried calling DCAS to find out if they can provide any other info but I get disconnected as soon as the call is transferred.
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